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The heat stays on across Colorado

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

While our winters are spectacular, springs gorgeous and autumns breathtaking, summer is when the heat is on in Colorado. It’s also when the calendar is filled with outdoor festivals, backyard barbeques, family picnics, evening concerts, camping and all sorts of other recreational activities that take place outside.

The Colorado State Patrol and Department of Transportation also point out that because of the wide variety of summertime activities, they are extra-vigilant in their yearlong search for drunk drivers as part of the nationwide Heat Is On campaign.

The annual end-of-summer step-up in DUI enforcement is already underway. It began last Friday and will last through Tuesday, September 2. You might recall that in our previous post we mentioned the free downtown Denver Last Call Lots; they are part of the effort to reduce impaired driving as summer ends.

Of course, another component of the effort are the loud flurries of machinery and workers hurrying to finish road construction projects. Local and state officials want to protect workers and motorists in those work zones; part of the protection is enhanced DUI enforcement.

Please note that CDOT says it’s doing its best to complete the projects before cold weather starts to hit the state and that can mean overnight road closures and other inconveniences. There will be extra law enforcement measures taken in certain work zones, including those on Interstate 25 and US 6, officials said.

As always, our law firm is available to answer questions from drivers facing serious traffic violations or our state’s tough DUI penalties. 

Source: The Cherry Creek News, “Colorado Cracks Down on DUIs, Especially in Work Zones,” August 16, 2014