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February 2014 Archives

Hit and Run Charges climb in Colorado

The Denver Post reports that the Denver area has numerous unsolved hit and run accidents and that the frequency is only increasing. A hit and run accident usually involves one of the drivers leaving the scene of the accident without contacting authorities or exchanging information with the other person involved in the accident.

Drunk driving survey causes constitutional controversy (2 of 2)

As we began discussing in the last post, many individuals and rights advocates are not happy about a government survey on impaired driving that's currently being conducted throughout the country.

Proposed New Colorado Law Could Allow Bars to Stay Open Later

Colorado state law prohibits your local bar from selling alcohol between the hours of 2 A.M. and 7 A.M. Last Call! House Bill 1132 proposes to give your local government more latitude with the above-referenced restriction on selling alcohol. For example, downtown Denver could allow the sale of alcohol up to 4:30 A.M. -instead of 2 A.M. under this proposed amendment to the law.

States hope Good Samaritan laws will prevent overdoses

Dangerous drugs, including heroin, are causing a spike in overdose deaths in the United States. Sadly, many of the overdose victims could have been saved if they had received medical treatment, but the people they were with avoided calling the police out of fear of facing criminal charges.

Consequences of Underage Drinking & Driving (MIP in Colorado)

You were at a party and had a beer with your friends. You were having a good time but decided to leave because you had to study for final exams. You jumped in your ride and headed home. You noticed the lights and sirens in your rear view mirror. The officer said he detected the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage in your breath and asked you if you had anything to drink. You told the officer about the beer, a couple more questions, and a chemical test later - the officer gives you a ticket.

Justin Bieber potentially charged with felony for egg-throwing case

The media reports that Justin Bieber is under investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for vandalism and assault charges. The allegations stem from an incident occurring on or about Jan 9, 2014 where Justin Bieber is accused of hurling eggs at his neighbor's mansion damaging the plaster and imported wood in excess of $20,000.00.

Tampering with ankle bracelet will soon mean immediate arrest

When an individual is released on parole, he or she is often equipped with an ankle monitoring bracelet that tracks the parolee's whereabouts at all times. Tampering with the ankle monitoring bracelets is illegal and can get a parolee in serious trouble.

Colorado Universities Drug and Alcohol Arrests

Colorado Universities are scoring big. They are in the top 10 in the nation for both drug and alcohol arrests in the last year. The big winner is the University of Colorado at Boulder who managed a silver medal coming in second only to SUNY Oneonta University in the state of New York when it came to drug arrests in the entire United States.

Colorado DUI

It happens on a daily basis throughout Colorado. Individuals decide to go out for a drink with friends, and then make the decision of getting back into their car to drive home thinking they are "okay to drive". In our line of work we have heard this story literally thousands of times. People come into our office, tell us they had "a couple beers" and then proceed to say they didn't feel drunk but yet managed to drive the wrong way down I-70 for 11 miles only to end up in a ditch.

Woody Allen sex abuse allegations back in spotlight

Recently, famed actor and director Woody Allen made headlines again after his adopted daughter publicly accused him of sexually assaulting her more than two decades ago. While these allegations have been around for years, this was the first time that the alleged victim has stood behind the claims.