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December 2013 Archives

Marijuana: Colorado says, "it's legal" and the Feds say, "it's illegal"

About a year ago, a former client approached our Denver based criminal defense law firm and asked for help setting up a marijuana dispensary. We had to turn him down. A few months later, we were again approached by a group of entrepreneurs looking to establish a legal facility allowing for recreational use of marijuana in their establishment in compliance with the recent Colorado law changes that are about to be implemented on January 1, 2014. We turned them down as well. They wanted to throw gobs of money at us... I still turned them down.

Man arrested for drug distribution in Colorado

When police investigate certain crimes, they might suspect a person of a completely unrelated crime during the course of their original investigation. This can result in a person being charged with multiple crimes.

Denver goalie cleared of domestic violence charges

Beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard that prosecutors have to prove before a person can be convicted of a crime. Either a judge or a jury might make the decision as to whether prosecutors present sufficient evidence to prove a person is guilty of a crime during the course of their trial.

Pot DUI laws in Colorado may incriminate unimpaired drivers

There are two main types of laws in the United States pertaining to drugs in a person's system while driving. They are effect-based DUID and per se DUID laws. Effect-based means being visibly impaired can get you into trouble if drugs probably made you impaired. Per se drug laws are those that can get you in trouble if there is a certain amount of measured drugs in your system.

Colorado drunk driving laws change next week

Next week marks the start of a new year. While many people will be focusing on planning their celebrations it is also important that people understand their rights pertaining to drunk driving issues. Because the laws are changing on Jan. 1, many people would be wise to understand their rights before heading out for New Year's Eve celebrations.

Man arrested for alleged sex crime, reported by nun

A man was arrested after a nun reported that a girl attending a Catholic school in another state had told her that she was touched inappropriately, by a man in Colorado. The man was arrested and charged with suspicion of sexually abusing a minor on Wednesday.

Eight people arrested for prostitution in Denver

When someone is arrested for a sex related crime, they can face serious penalties for a conviction, including having their reputation tarnished. Sometimes people are simply in the wrong place and are arrested and accused of sex crimes. These crimes might range from sexual assault to prostitution.

Man arrested for DUI after fatal Colorado accident

A man is facing serious legal troubles after he was arrested following a fatal accident in Colorado. According to a report, the man was arrested for suspicion of causing a fatal traffic crash while drinking and driving. One of the victims of the accident was cause in their car and died as a result of injuries.

Tips lead to arrest in vehicular assault case in Colorado

A reported hit-and-run resulted in injuries to a deputy in late November. After an investigation and multiple tips, the Douglas County Sheriff's department said they have arrested a man and he could face charges related to the incident.

Marijuana industry will be no easy task for Colorado to create

Colorado is just over two weeks away from legal recreational marijuana. While marijuana will be legal in limited amounts, there are still many unknowns. The regulation of an industry that doesn't yet exist, means Colorado will have to create an industry, and learn how to regulated it.

Denver domestic dispute case dismissed against adventurer

Last week in a blog post, we told you about a famous adventure athlete who lives in Denver and was arrested for a domestic violence incident. The man was reportedly involved in a dispute with his girlfriend, in front of a child. Both of them were arrested. When someone is arrested for domestic violence, they have to spend time in jail until they can be seen in court for an initial appearance.

Denver rolls out campaign as legalization of pot grows near

At the start of next year, which is just a few weeks away, marijuana will be legal in Colorado for recreational use. However, many people in Denver are probably wondering what this all means for them. Whether or not you are a proponent of marijuana legalization or not, the law must be implemented properly and people must comply with the law. The City of Denver has rolled out a new website,, to try to inform the public of the laws regarding marijuana sales and use.

Colorado man is fired from job after arrest for DUI

People in the Denver area are arrested and/or charged with drunk driving every day. However, just being arrested or charged does not make a person guilty. Anyone facing this kind of situation should understand his or her rights and all of the legal implications that apply. Preparing a strong defense can go a long way in determining whether or not a person is convicted.

Bus driver arrested for DUI in Denver area

A Denver area school bus driver was arrested late last month after school district officials say they received a report of the man discarding vodka bottles from his school bus. According to a report, the man was taken to the hospital for a random alcohol screening and police were contacted.

Famous Denver adventurer arrested on domestic violence charges

A man who became famous after cutting off is arm after being trapped by a boulder on an expedition 10 years ago was arrested over the weekend for alleged domestic violence. Aron Ralston, who had continued in adventure sports since his frightful accident in 2003, wrote a book which was later adapted into a film.

Jury finds woman innocent of several driving offenses

When a person in the Denver area has been arrested or charged with drunk driving it is very important for him or her to take the right steps immediately. Making the wrong choices could lead to harsher penalties and stiff consequences. It is important to understand how the law works in DUI cases and how to best defend one's self.

Denver man arrested for vehicular homicide, assault

A Denver man with past drunk driving related charges was arrested early last month during an investigation of a vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. According to reports, the man was arrested after a head-on collision that resulted in the death of another person and injuries to two other people.


While reporting criminal news on pro-athletes today has become a bit of a niche industry, the comical and quasi-dramatic way in which it is done not only undermines the true nature of the criminal process, it also seems to somehow make a mockery out of it. Colorado criminal courts, which unfortunately seem to thrive on national attention from mass shootings, sex assault, and domestic violence assaults (allegedly) are no different.

Marijuana raids in Colorado last week show risks of business

Last year, Colorado legalized limited recreational use of marijuana. However, retail marijuana shops won't be allowed until Jan. 1, 2014. At the end of last month, raids of marijuana warehouses, homes and a Denver dispensary demonstrated how risky the business of marijuana might be as federal law still prohibits the sale of the drug.