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Man arrested for DUI after fatal Colorado accident

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide |

A man is facing serious legal troubles after he was arrested following a fatal accident in Colorado. According to a report, the man was arrested for suspicion of causing a fatal traffic crash while drinking and driving. One of the victims of the accident was cause in their car and died as a result of injuries.

The man was driving his truck when he reportedly crossed into oncoming traffic. He was being held in jail after his arrest and might face additional charges including vehicular assault and careless driving causing death. These charges might result in a significant prison sentence for a person if they are convicted.

When someone faces charges related to drunk driving, they might want to speak with an attorney. They can help a person understand the court process and answer questions from authorities. Police might ask a person questions related to the incident or what they were doing before getting into their car.

Answering these questions might just seem like being honest, but a police officer will report these answers and they could be used to file additional charges against a person. If someone is convicted of any crime that results in the death of another person, they might face a very lengthy sentence.

While it is important that people are sensitive when an accident results in a death, it can also be important that a person who is accused of causing the accident is treated fairly. If they are falsely convicted, a large portion of their life might be unfairly spent in prison.

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