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October 2013 Archives

Police under scrutiny after Colorado domestic violence case

A woman in Colorado has been accused of domestic violence after an alleged altercation with her ex-boyfriend, who is a police officer. According to a report, the police chief of that police department is now being scrutinized after the woman allegedly sent police a video tape of the woman's ex-boyfriend abusing her child. She alleges that police did nothing and attempted to cover up the abuse.

Blood alcohol tests reliable only when labs analyzing samples are

When a person in Colorado is believed to be driving while alcohol impaired, a law enforcement officer may follow a series of protocols to help him determine if his suspicion is correct. While some states have raised questions regarding the validity of standardized field sobriety testing, like a one-leg stand, a horizontal gaze, or a walk and turn, for example, others support blood alcohol testing. Of course, the testing facility used to analyze blood alcohol content must maintain standards that would provide accurate results in order for blood alcohol tests to be reliable.

Denver-area bus driver reportedly admits to drunk driving

A school bus driver was arrested in September for allegedly driving a bus full of student athletes when he was allegedly drunk. Now, a recent report says the man admitted to police that he had been drinking, and a witness reported hearing the driver admit to having vodka in a Gatorade bottle.

Glendale Heights man arrested on DUI suspicion

There are a number of people across the country that consume alcoholic beverages and arrange for transportation home if they have had too much to drink. There are, however, occasions when a person is unaware that the amount of alcohol that he or she has had to drink has exceeded the legal limit. There are some serious penalties when a person in Colorado has been arrested and found guilty of driving while alcohol impaired.

Denver area man stopped for speeding, facing drug charges

When someone is pulled over for speeding, they might think they will just apologize, accept responsiblity and the police officer might be kind enough to let the person off with a warning. Sometimes, people are pulled over, and to their surprise they are arrested. This could be for numerous reasons, and it might be wise for a person in this situation to speak with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney.

Denver Nuggets player cleared of domestic violence charges

Sometimes people have very public professions. Whether they are a famous celebrity, a politician or an athlete, people sometimes get pulled into the spotlight because of alleged criminal behavior. Although media might sometimes present a person as guilty, and not follow up on whether the person is actually convicted, everyone is entitled to a fair trial.

Police officer quits Colorado job after drug charges filed

A police officer in Colorado has been accused of buying Ecstasy from a confidential police informant. According to a news report, the man has not quit his job as an officer, and is scheduled to appear in court later this month to face weapons and drug charges. The same reports says that the man is likely to plead guilty to the charges.

Biker may face penalties for driving on a suspended license

A person's driver's license can be suspended for a number of reasons, some of which are not related to traffic violations. A parent in Denver, for instance, that is not making child support payments may have his or her license suspended until he or she is caught up in support payments. It is, however, more common to have a license suspension levied because of driving-related offenses. There are some serious consequences a person can face when charged with driving while license suspended.

Wide range of offenses make up sex offender registry

When people hear about the sex offender registry, they frequently believe that people can only be put on the sex offender list as adults for convictions of the most violent sex crimes. In fact, there are a wide range of crimes that can result in a person being put on this list.

Underage drinking consequences may slacken for some students

When young adults attend college, many of them are not yet legally allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. At most universities and colleges in Colorado, and in other states throughout the country, binge drinking is part of the culture that students may become familiar with. If a student attends college directly after he or she has graduated from high school, and assuming the average high school graduate is 18-years-old, it would not be until the student’s junior year that he or she would be 21.

Two Colorado residents arrested for drug charges

Two people were arrested in another state after a traffic stop for allegedly going through a red light. The police stopped the Colorado couple when travelling in their motor home. Although the arrest didn't happen in Colorado, they are facing severe charges after police say the driver of the motor home admitting to having marijuana in the vehicle.

Is Taser use acceptable in traffic violation cases?

When a person is pulled over by a police officer, they would most likely not expect to have a Taser used on them and then arrested. However, many cities are evaluating their policies regarding Taser use, and a new report has found that a large number of deaths related to Taser use could have been avoided.

Drunk driving arrest gets physical

When a person in Colorado is pulled over for drunk driving, law enforcement officers may administer standardized sobriety testing. These tests have been developed to establish a person’s impairment and to validate probable cause of arrest. It is arguable whether or not sobriety testing of this nature is always accurate in measuring impairment and if a person should be arrested with DUI charges based on the results of this testing.

Can 911 call from another driver alone result in traffic stop?

A traffic stop in another state has worked its way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. This case involved two men who were arrested during a traffic stop. Another driver on the road called 911 to report that the two were in a truck that was reportedly driving erratically. Police pulled the men over without ever seeing the erratic driving that was described to 911 operators, and the men were arrested on drug charges after officers claimed they smelled marijuana.