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Denver area man stopped for speeding, facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2013 | Traffic Violations |

When someone is pulled over for speeding, they might think they will just apologize, accept responsiblity and the police officer might be kind enough to let the person off with a warning. Sometimes, people are pulled over, and to their surprise they are arrested. This could be for numerous reasons, and it might be wise for a person in this situation to speak with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney.

A Denver man was pulled over in Colorado recently, and was arrested for alleged drug crimes. Police say the man was going 22 mph over the posted speed limit, and when the officer approached the vehicle they could smell marijuana. After searching the vehicle, the police reportedly found 10 pounds of marijuana.

This alleged large amount of marijuana means the man will face charges of possession of more than 12 ounces of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute, along with the alleged speeding violation.

When someone is pulled over for an alleged traffic violation, officers many times ask, questions. Some ask if the person has any idea why they were pulled over. Others might tell the person that they were speeding and ask if they know how fast they were going. If answered improperly a person might unknowingly admit to an alleged crime.

After a traffic stop, it might be wise for a person to speak with an attorney who can help them evaluate their situation and understand their rights. If the person faces additional charges because of other accusations involved in the same incident, they might face years in prison. That is why understanding one’s rights can be so important.

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