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Biker may face penalties for driving on a suspended license

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2013 | Driving While License Suspended |

A person’s driver’s license can be suspended for a number of reasons, some of which are not related to traffic violations. A parent in Denver, for instance, that is not making child support payments may have his or her license suspended until he or she is caught up in support payments. It is, however, more common to have a license suspension levied because of driving-related offenses. There are some serious consequences a person can face when charged with driving while license suspended.

A Massachusetts biker was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident after he and the driver of an SUV got involved in an altercation. The motorcycle driver was riding in the company of a large group of motorcyclists. The motorcycle driver involved in the altercation was injured in the accident, receiving broken bones and a spinal injury.

Law enforcement officers arrested the injured man after the accident because he was driving with a revoked license. Records from the Massachusetts motor vehicle department reported that the last time the man had a valid driver’s license issued from the state was in 1999. He had allegedly been issued citations 16 times in a number of cities since then. It is unknown what penalties the man may face.

When a person is driving on a suspended license and he or she is caught by law enforcement officers, it may warrant penalties, such as lengthening the time the license would be suspended, revoking the license, fines and jail time. It might be helpful to discuss options with an experienced attorney when a person may be charged with driving with a suspended or invalid license.

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