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May 2013 Archives

Colorado legislator not sure about lowering alcohol limit

The National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) recommendation to lower the legal blood alcohol content limit was met with skepticism, shock and trepidation. Essentially, the NTSB believed that public safety would be best served if the limit was reduced from .08 to .05. The theory behind the potential change is to bring the United States on par with many other industrialized nations that have strict alcohol use laws.

Two young adults have property seized and face drug charges

During the last month, Denver police authorities claim to have seized $40,000 worth of hydroponic marijuana and $700 in cocaine from a Denver residence. It is claimed that the marijuana seized was the type grown in water rather than soil. Deputies also claimed to have seized a variety of prescription pills, two vehicles and more than $2,000 in cash. The individuals charged were 20 and 22-years old.

Accuser admits domestic violence charges were fabricated

A former Colorado Springs police officer admitted that she had fabricated allegations of domestic assault in order to have an ex-boyfriend jailed.  The boyfriend in question had served six months in jail, faced two separate jury trials and had been fired from his job - presumably due to the false allegations.

Increased law enforcement on Colorado roads over holiday weekend

Memorial Day weekend is known throughout the country as the unofficial start to summer. Individuals who reside in the state of Colorado take advantage of what is for many a three-day weekend and get together with friends and loved ones to socialize. In many of those cases the socialization includes the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Colorado's stoned while driving bill passes Senate

After years of debate and six unsuccessful votes, Colorado becomes the first state to set forth specific limits for THC use while driving. Lawmakers settled on the controversial 5 nanogram per milliliter of blood limit to establish that a driver is impaired by marijuana while driving. 

States urged by federal agency to lower DUI blood alcohol limits

The National Transportation Safety Board said this week that it believes the states should lower the amount of allowable blood-alcohol concentration. This recommendation came with mixed reviews from various groups and agencies across the country. While the recommendation is unlikely to prompt immediate action by all 50 states, it could have a substantial impact on the number of people charged with drunk driving related crimes in the future.

Lower alcohol limits proposed by NTSB

In an effort to further reduce the number of highway traffic fatalities, the National Transportation Safety Board is proposing that the legal alcohol limit be reduced from .08 percent to .05 percent. The recommendation comes from recent report issued by the NTSB which notes that more than 100 countries have adopted this standard.

Colorado to restrict guns for those convicted of domestic violence

When a person faces a criminal charge, it is important that they understand their rights. Convictions for some crimes might result in consequences that exceed that of time spent in jail or a fine. Depending on the crime that a person is convicted of, they might face complications with their employment, have troubles maintaining child custody and if a bill that recently passed the Colorado legislature is signed into law, people convicted of domestic violence charges could lose firearm rights.

Two Colorado drug bust operations result in 33 arrests

Following two operations known as Xterra Range and Operation Pig Pen, Colorado law enforcement officers arrested 33 individuals. The investigation into this matter supposedly took as much as two years, and it appears that law enforcement officers were assisted by FBI agents and other federal officials.

Stoned driving limits down to final vote in Senate

A bill that would set THC limits for Colorado drivers is going down to a final, last minute vote. The proposed bill, which has been defeated in past sessions, would make driving with more than 5 nongrams of THC per millileter of a person's blood a crime, much like driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above.

Denver traffic stop subject of U.S. Supreme Court case

The alleged conduct of a Denver police officer during a traffic stop has resulted in a civil rights violation case making its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. It all began with a woman driver accused of driving erratically by a Denver police officer after she claims to have had to quickly changed lanes to avoid a collision with the police officer that she says cut her off.  

Sexual assault charges dismissed because of medical impossibility

A 71-year old Colorado man facing six charges of sexual assault was released after all counts were dismissed. The Loveland man was accused of having impregnated a teenage girl on nine separate occasions over the years. However, as his attorney explained in court, what was alleged was "not medically possible." Apparently the man had received a vasectomy in the 1970s.

Boating while drunk in Colorado has consequences

While snow is in our forecast, spring is here, and boaters will soon be taking on what has become an annual ritual...going to the lake. Boating on Colorado lakes and rivers is part of what makes our region unique.