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Sexual assault charges against Colorado cadet dismissed

On Behalf of | May 22, 2013 | Sexual Assault |

A sexual misconduct case against an Air Force Academy cadet in Colorado was recently dismissed.  The commandant overseeing the court-martial proceeding stated that there simply was not enough evidence to pursue the matter.

This has been the third such sexual assault case dismissed at the academy since January of 2012.  However, three other cases remain to be tried against cadets, and we will have to wait and see if any of these cases results in conviction.

Though the academy may be accused of not taking the issue of sexual assault seriously, these matters cannot be pursued without reliable evidence to back the charges up. Even without possible fines and imprisonment, a court-martial could still result in after effects for the remainder of a cadet’s life. Employers will stay clear of that individual, and the suspicion of guilt will follow that individual around no matter where he lives.

That three cases have been dismissed may mean that the cadets are being targeted for false claims of sexual assault. We will need to see what the results are for the remaining cases to determine whether this happens to be the case. In any case, it appears that more is occurring at the academy than may necessarily be reported in the newspapers.

Because the consequence of such offenses is so severe, attorneys will do what they can to make certain that innuendo or false allegations are not allowed in as evidence in the courts. The standard in the criminal law system requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be brought.

Source: The Gazette, “Sexual assault case against AFA cadet dismissed,” by Jakob Rodgers, April 25, 2013