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Increased law enforcement on Colorado roads over holiday weekend

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Memorial Day weekend is known throughout the country as the unofficial start to summer. Individuals who reside in the state of Colorado take advantage of what is for many a three-day weekend and get together with friends and loved ones to socialize. In many of those cases the socialization includes the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In an effort to keep drunk driving car accidents to a minimum over the holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies across the nation, including in the state of Colorado, have increased the number of law enforcement officers on the road.  Because of this, drivers in communities throughout the Denver area should be cautious on the roads.

The extra enforcement is a part of a Colorado State Patrol program running between May 20 and June 2, called “Click it or Ticket.” In addition to watching for suspected drunk drivers, individuals operating vehicles could be pulled over by law enforcement officers because of traffic violations and even the failure to wear a seat belt.

It is fair to say that no one goes to a social gathering over Memorial Day weekend expecting to be pulled over on the way home. Despite this, many individuals will likely find themselves in that very situation. For some of those drivers facing drunk driving charges, it may be their first brush with the law and they may not know how to handle it. It is important for anyone who has been charged with DUI to take steps to aggressively defend themselves against the charges. Most do this by working with a lawyer who handles drunk driving cases.


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