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February 2013 Archives

Colorado bill proposed to compensate wrongfully convicted

A bill is making its way through the Colorado legislature that would provide compensation for individuals that have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. This proposal would allow those deemed to have been wrongfully convicted to collect up to $60,000 annually for each year that they were in prison.

Colorado woman arrested as suspect in drug ring

A Colorado woman pled guilty to distributing what is referred to as a Schedule II controlled substance. The drugs she was accused of selling would have included methamphetamine and Ecstasy. However, the majority of charges against the woman were dismissed.

DUI Courts revisited

How many DUI's is enough to justify jail time? This is a question that has vexed legislators, prosecutors and judges alike. The question was addressed again by a Pennsylvania appeals court after a man's plea agreement for his 14th and 15th drunk driving convictions was rejected by the trial court. Essentially, the man agreed to spend 2 ½ to 5 years in prison pursuant to his plea, but the court found that the sentence was too lenient. Instead, the man was sentenced to a seven to 15 year sentence.

Colorado community's police department policies questioned

The Aurora, Colorado Police Department has been under scrutiny for practices that are said not to comply with federal standards. In particular, Aurora's policy of what is called the prosecuting of false complaints is deemed as a method to stifle all criticism of the police department's actions.

Air Force Academy cadets accused of sexual assault

A cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado had been charged with what is called aggravated sexual assault. The cadet's attorney has already released a statement that her client is innocent of what has been charged.

Could Denver nix marijuana sales?

In a prior post we reported on how some Colorado communities were ambivalent about welcoming marijuana retailers into their cities. City councils in Broomfield and Superior were considering bans on such stores, at least until the state created detailed regulations about how licenses would be granted.

Alleged Colorado drug ring results in 33 arrests

So far, following guilty plea and convictions regarding an alleged drug ring in Colorado, there have been 33 indictments, 23 guilty pleas, one conviction at trial, another 7 cases pending and at least one deportation to Mexico. There has also been one case dismissed.

Domestic violence charges dropped when accuser changes story

Domestic violence is no doubt a major concern in our society, but so are false allegations of domestic violence and assault. In one recent incident of claimed domestic violence, the police dropped charges against the accused man after the man's girlfriend changed her story as to how the domestic violence supposedly came about.

Denver's 'sobriety' court has its downside

There can be consequences for accepting deals with what is referred to as Denver's sobriety court. What this court was intended to do was provide alternate sentencing to individuals convicted of DUI in the Denver area, and it apparently only makes offers to extreme offenders that are facing long term jail sentences or other severe penalties.

Designated driver arrested for DUI

We encourage people to seek designated drivers or use taxi cabs (instead of driving) when they are out on the town. It is the easiest way to avoid being arrested for DUI or DWAI in Colorado. At Colorado State University, students may take advantage of RamRide, a service dedicated to transporting students who have been drinking.