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Domestic violence charges dropped when accuser changes story

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is no doubt a major concern in our society, but so are false allegations of domestic violence and assault. In one recent incident of claimed domestic violence, the police dropped charges against the accused man after the man’s girlfriend changed her story as to how the domestic violence supposedly came about.

The boyfriend and the girlfriend involved in the incident had a child together. It was reported that the two had an argument while pushing the child in a stroller. The girlfriend claimed that the two then engaged in a tug of war with the child’s stroller, and that the boyfriend then pushed the girlfriend away and scratched her neck.

The boyfriend was charged with domestic violence as well as a probationary violation. This incident may have resulted in a conviction if not for a witness being present at the so-called encounter.

Though what the witness told law enforcement officers is unknown, the girlfriend later acknowledged that the version told by the witness was accurate. And while the officers released the boyfriend from custody, a charge of false reporting of the crime may now be leveled against the girlfriend.

How often false allegations of domestic violence occur is difficult to determine. Still, the above incident does demonstrate how accusations of domestic violence need to be thoroughly investigated before anyone is charged or convicted of a crime.

The assistance of a criminal defense attorney will often assure that any fabrications made as a part of a domestic violence accusation will be revealed to the court. Everyone is entitled to a defense against such false allegations.

Source: Santa Monica Mirror, “Santa Monica Police Drop Domestic Violence Charges After Girlfriend Changes Abuse Story,” by Tim Broughton, Feb. 5, 2013

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