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Alleged Colorado drug ring results in 33 arrests

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2013 | Drug Charges |

So far, following guilty plea and convictions regarding an alleged drug ring in Colorado, there have been 33 indictments, 23 guilty pleas, one conviction at trial, another 7 cases pending and at least one deportation to Mexico. There has also been one case dismissed.

It is claimed that this is one of the largest drug networks have broken up in Colorado history. So far the court has sentenced individuals in the supposed drug ring to a combined 68 years in prison. It is claimed that the ring ran as much as $1 million in cocaine through the Colorado area every month. It is also asserted that methamphetamine and marijuana was being distributed for sale as well.

The supposed ringleader of this drug distribution network has already been sentenced to 16 years in prison. Another has been sentenced to ten years in prison. Others have merely been sentenced to probation and supervision. Still others are awaiting sentencing.

One can only imagine how many plea deals have been made concerning all these different arrests. Likely, some individuals had their sentences reduced after agreeing to testify against others. Still others may have been coerced to plead guilty because others have already testified against them.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to know whether every individual indicted is actually guilty of what they are charged. Some individuals convicted will probably receive harsh sentences based upon an unwillingness to make a plea deal or based on other circumstances outside of their control.

Every individual charged needs to have their case considered separately, and that’s why it’s always essential for one charged to contact a criminal defense attorney as early as possible. Some individuals in a drug bust such as this may be guilty, but others may only be found guilty based upon association.

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