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January 2013 Archives

Reported traffic chase with bizarre set of facts

A woman has been charged with a variety of violations regarding an alleged traffic chase that ended with her supposedly crashing a vehicle in a Denver suburb. It is claimed that a high speed chase actually involved two separate vehicles with one of the vehicles eluding the authorities.

Cities grappling over retail marijuana rules

After voters approved a measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, many municipalities were unsure of how to implement rules to regulate its proper use. Some towns and cities are drafting rules to limit businesses that sell marijuana, and some are considering whether to ban them altogether.

Colorado psychologist accused of sexual assault

A Colorado psychologist has been arrested for Sexual Assault on a Client by a Psychotherapist according to local police. Apparently, a patient of the psychologist claimed that they had a sexual relationship for a few months, but the psychologist ended the relationship when the patient supposedly refused to keep the relationship silent.

Suspects face hundreds of charges in alleged drug ring bust

The recent bust of an alleged drug ring in Colorado has led to certain suspects being charged for more than 300 combined drug, weapons and conspiracy charges. Supposedly, the 17 month investigation involving more than 210 law enforcement officers led to the seizure of a significant amount of cocaine.

Second Dallas Cowboys player charged with DWI

The death of Dallas Cowboys practice squad member Jerry Brown was a stark and humbling reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving. Less than two months later another Cowboys player has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff was taken into custody after he was involved in an accident.

Marijuana and the future of DUI legislation in Colorado

With the legalization of small amounts of marijuana in Colorado, it will still likely be some time before determinations as to how much THC can be in the blood system while at the same time legally operating a motor vehicle. Yet with all the haggling that is likely to go on concerning acceptable THC limits, arrests for driving while under the influence of marijuana will continue.

State senator proposes new law for drinking age

In the wake of Colorado's landmark decision to legalize recreational use of marijuana, a state senator is now sponsoring a bill that will allow adults age 18 and over to consume alcohol in public settings, as long as it is under a parent's supervision. Under current law, parents may only allow their adult children to drink on private property.

Colorado changing rules regarding confessions of guilt

A Colorado man was convicted of sexual assault based upon a confession that he made. However, this individual's confession was overturned by an appeals court because prosecutors will unable to prove that his confession was trustworthy. The Colorado Supreme Court refused to reverse the court of appeals ruling.

Veterans facing criminal charges

There have been a variety of programs created throughout the country to assist veterans that are struggling with various drug abuse or alcohol dependency issues. The goal of special courts for these veterans that are popping up throughout the United States is in part an effort to try to get veterans into treatment instead of jail.

Fewer DUI fatalities in Colorado during New Year's weekend

In our prior post, we discussed the possibility of breathalyzer kiosks showing up in Colorado bars sometime in the future, and how it may result in fewer drunk driving arrests. It appears that Coloradans may not need them, as there were not many DUI arrests during New Year's weekend according to the Colorado State Patrol.

Wrongful arrest proves expensive for Colorado man

When making arrests, law enforcement officers sometimes make mistakes. One Colorado man was acquitted of multiple marijuana possession felonies by a jury as the plants were being grown for the purposes of medicinal marijuana in compliance with Colorado's medical marijuana laws. However, arresting officers apparently had already destroyed the 42 separate plants worth somewhere around $5,000 a piece.

Four men falsely accused of rape by alleged victim

In a neighboring state of Colorado, a woman has been convicted of making false allegations of rape and sexual assault. Apparently, the woman claimed that she was raped by four men including one individual that was arrested because of the allegations.

State Trooper accused of making wrongful DUI arrests

A class action lawsuit has been filed in another western state concerning individuals that claim to have been falsely accused of drinking while driving. Though the state patrol officer in question has since been fired, it is believed that hundreds of individuals were wrongfully accused of DUI.

Breathalyzer kiosks could be seen in Colorado soon

In our last post we discussed how people stopped for DUI (or DWAI) in Colorado should handle themselves. With the Broncos hosting a playoff game next weekend, taking steps to avoid drunk driving arrests is critical. With the potential for fatal accidents looming large, law enforcement agencies will be out in force to take drunk drivers off the road.