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Colorado psychologist accused of sexual assault

| Jan 28, 2013 | Sexual Assault

A Colorado psychologist has been arrested for Sexual Assault on a Client by a Psychotherapist according to local police. Apparently, a patient of the psychologist claimed that they had a sexual relationship for a few months, but the psychologist ended the relationship when the patient supposedly refused to keep the relationship silent.

The penalties for what the psychologist has been charged with are significant. The charges are defined under Colorado statutes as a Class 4 Felony – a charge that could lead to a minimum of one year in prison if a conviction occurs.

Defendants in these sorts of lawsuits are entitled to the presumption of innocence, and it remains up to the accuser and the prosecutors of the case to demonstrate what actually occurred. Therefore, criminal defense attorneys will do all that they can to minimize the damage done regarding defending individuals regarding possible false allegations of sexual assault.

It’s impossible to know from the reporting what facts the police have to go by outside of the testimony of the accuser claiming a sexual relationship did occur while he was a patient of the psychologist. Before individuals rush to judgment on a matter such as this, they still need to consider that this may be a simple matter of “he-said” versus “she-said” as to the actual truth of what occurred.

Just like many sexual assault cases that occur, often these charges are pursued will little to no physical evidence that any wrongdoing took place. Also, even if charges against the individual charged with sexual assault are reduced, the accused individual may still face a long probationary period and have their reputation ruined by the ensuing publicity.

Source: Fox 21 News, “Psychologist accused of sexual assault on a client,” by Travis Ruiz, Jan. 7, 2013

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