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Suspects face hundreds of charges in alleged drug ring bust

| Jan 24, 2013 | Drug Charges

The recent bust of an alleged drug ring in Colorado has led to certain suspects being charged for more than 300 combined drug, weapons and conspiracy charges. Supposedly, the 17 month investigation involving more than 210 law enforcement officers led to the seizure of a significant amount of cocaine.

It is now being claimed that the investigation severed the supply of drugs and weapons that were coming into Colorado from Mexico. Eleven separate search warrants were served in the Colorado area including one warrant in Denver.

Though 20 of the suspects have been indicted by a grand jury, this is different than saying these individuals are guilty of the charged crimes. Instead, what this does mean is that the matter can be advanced to criminal court to be tried in accordance with the same rules as guide other criminal trials.

For all of the charges brought by prosecutors, there does need to be probable cause for an arrest to have been made to begin with. Also, for each and every charge, proof needs to be beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction to be made.

The sheer number of charges for the suspects in this matter is noteworthy, however. It is possible that prosecutors are bringing the large number of charges in hopes that at least some of the charges will stick.

Though many of the charges could likely be dismissed, criminal defense attorneys and their clients will have to fight every single charge individually. Any number of the charges could likely lead to years or even decades of imprisonment for the individuals in question.

Source: Times Call, “DEA, Boulder law enforcement announce cocaine ring indictments,” by Pierette J. Shields, Jan. 22, 2013

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