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August 2012 Archives

The Impact of a Conviction for DUI or DWAI in Colorado

There have been many reports discussing sobriety checkpoints throughout the Denver metro area during the Labor Day weekend. As law enforcement winds down its summer DUI enforcement campaigns, those who are facing charges may have questions about what will happen next. Often, a DUI is the first time that a person has ever received the attention of law enforcement, and might not understand how a conviction will impact things.

Credentials of Colorado expert witness are questioned

Whether one party or the other prevails in a court is often dependent upon expert testimony that is provided. Experts are often given great weight in such matters, and not everyone questions this individual's credentials.

Domestic violence charges dismissed against politician

No one should ever downplay the seriousness of domestic violence. However, a wrongful conviction for domestic violence can lead to irreversible damage to a person's reputation that will likely have lasting consequences in all areas of that person's life.

Colorado DUI Campaign Coming to Close

The Labor Day weekend is soon approaching, which means the summer is nearly over. Kids go back to school, and people start preparing for the upcoming fall and winter. For law enforcement, Labor Day weekend marks the end of the "100 Days of Heat" DUI crackdown that they kicked off on Memorial Day weekend.

Legislation proposed to compensate the wrongfully convicted

A Denver Senator has proposed legislation that would compensate wrongfully convicted individuals for time that they have spent in prison. If such a bill were to pass, Colorado would join 27 other states that have passed similar legislation.

Denver's issuing of tickets by red-light cameras

With increased use of red-light cameras being used to ticket various drivers, there has also been voiced a number of concerns as to the fairness of ticketing in this particular manner. The tickets sent out to drivers by mail often levy expensive fines. If tires go past the while line on a red light, the fine can be $40. If both rear tires go beyond the white line as well, the ticket can increase to $75.

Colorado DUI Roadblocks: Leading to Reduction in Drunk Driving Cases?

A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examined fatal accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers that occurred in 2010. While the number of deaths dropped four percent from 2009 numbers, officials remain concerned by the number of deaths still occurring on roadways.

Federal drug case dropped: voluminous evidence too costly to maintain

In a typical case, people facing drug charges might be hoping the charges against them will be dropped for lack of evidence. In an interesting twist, a judge recently dropped federal drug trafficking charges alleged against a man because there was actually too much evidence compiled against him. At first glance this may seem counter-intuitive, and is certainly not the norm when it comes to federal drug crimes. So why is this case different?

Second drunk driving arrest this year for Randy Travis

Country singer Randy Travis is in the news again, this time for allegations that he was driving drunk and that, when he was found naked, threatened to kill state troopers.

Driving While License Suspended Can Lead to Big Trouble in Colorado

When a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, he or she may be overwhelmed by the changes that will be taking place. This can be one of the first times they have ever had any legal trouble, and knowing what to expect can help reduce some of their worries.

87-year-old Denver elder facing multiple marijuana-related charges

It may be tempting for some Denver residents to think that because Colorado is a state which allows the use of medical marijuana, there are laxer laws surrounding marijuana. This is not the case. Medical marijuana is approved only for patients that suffer from an illness which causes them to be afflicted with chronic pain or nausea -- not the population at large.

Sex offenders in southern state must out themselves on Facebook

In the United States, being labeled a sex offender comes with some of the most serious, life-altering consequences of all criminal labels. There's no stigma like that which follows a sex crime accusation and/or conviction, and now social networking sites are working to further that stigma for registered offenders in at least one state.

Bath salts out of Colorado stores, but on the internet

In the past, we have included posts about bath salts, a synthetic drug that law enforcement has had to deal with in the past few years. In effect earlier this summer, Colorado stores were barred from selling the product, therefore, making it harder for want-to-be users to access and use the illegal substance.

DUI for Riding a Bicycle While Intoxicated? Maybe...

We have all seen news stories that discuss out-of-the-ordinary drunk driving arrests. From the motorized bar stool to the riding lawn mower, drivers of unusual vehicles are often very surprised to find out that they can receive a DUI for piloting these while intoxicated. But, what about non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles? The answer might surprise you.

Research finds common themes in domestic violence cases

Even though every individual supposedly criminal incident has its own back story and details, academics and the legal system like to find common threads within certain types of cases. This is true with the legal matter of domestic violence. Identifying common threads is supposed to help law enforcement and/or medical professionals assess whether a person is at risk of being a domestic abuse victim.