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May 2012 Archives

Summer is here, and so is the higher risk of a Colorado DUI arrest

Memorial Day weekend is already behind us. While many of us are probably still a bit exhausted or depressed now that the long weekend is behind us, others in Colorado are dealing with some more serious stress. Maybe they were pulled over on their way home from a holiday celebration and found that their joy of the weekend was disrupted by a drunk driving arrest.

Aggressive DUI Enforcement Planned in Colorado

Memorial Day weekend is generally considered the first real weekend of summer. The improving weather allows people to be able to spend more time with friends and relatives. What people may not know is that police are also using this weekend to begin DUI enforcement campaigns.

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Brooke Mueller's Colorado drug arrest leads to lenient sentence

Back in December, we published a post about a celebrity drug arrest in Colorado. It seems as though Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex and the mother of his twins, has a hard time avoiding legal hardship when she is in the state. The previous post indicated that Mueller faced criminal charges of assault and cocaine possession.

Study: What leads to wrongful criminal convictions in the country?

In general, we all like to think that the criminal justice system works. But the system is not perfect. It's run by people and people make mistakes. Of course, it must be a constant goal to improve the system and reduce the likelihood that an innocent person is convicted of a crime in Colorado and the rest of the country.

Colorado Senate doesn't pass controversial drugged DUI bill

In past posts about marijuana DUI laws, we discussed the legislative proposal that sought to set a THC limit at which drivers would be considered legally under the influence of marijuana while driving. Supporters of the DUID proposal basically wanted it to be easier for the system to hold drivers accountable who are supposedly high on marijuana.

Colorado's red light cameras land mother with daughter's tickets

Do you like to pay for other people's mistakes? Neither does a Colorado mother who's gotten stuck with having to pay for traffic tickets that belong to her daughter. Colorado's use of red light cameras at certain intersections caught the daughter running lights on two occasions. But because the car being driven is in the mother's name, she now owes about $300 in fines.

Iraq veteran feels he's benefited from system after drug incident

Most people who admit to taking illegal drugs and then causing a car accident would face criminal charges and possible jail time. But military veterans are not most people, and Colorado has a system in place to give some veterans more effective attention when they run into legal troubles.

Colorado man spent 17 years in prison for rape he didn't commit

We all like to think that the system works. Those who are not guilty of crimes stay out of jail and those who are guilty are sentenced appropriately. But tragically, the criminal justice system isn't perfect. That imperfection that exists among investigators and within the trial process can send innocent people to jail.

Colorado House takes its turn considering DUID, marijuana bill

The push toward creating a clear law regarding driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado continues. Colorado's State Senate approved Senate Bill 117, moving the controversial proposal to the desk of the State House.

Colorado drug crime reform postponed until further study

In a previous drug crime post, we discussed how certain lawmakers in Colorado wanted to change sentencing related to drug charges. Senate Bill 12-163 would have decreased how harshly certain Colorado possession and trafficking cases would be handled and put more focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.