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Aggressive DUI Enforcement Planned in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 25, 2012 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Memorial Day weekend is generally considered the first real weekend of summer. The improving weather allows people to be able to spend more time with friends and relatives. What people may not know is that police are also using this weekend to begin DUI enforcement campaigns.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Colorado have announced “100 Days of Heat.” This initiative is focused on reducing the number of individuals killed in drunk driving accidents. In 2011, the Colorado Department of Transportation reports that 36 percent of all fatal drunk driving accidents occurred during the summer months. The number of these fatal crashes has increased from 2010, which has led to the increased attention by law enforcement.

Last year, the CDOT reports that there were over 2,600 drunk driving arrests in Colorado from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This number could increase as a result of the new campaign in place.

Drivers convicted of DUI can expect to lose their license for a period of time. Additionally, these motorists may face high fines and possible jail time, especially if they are repeat offenders. Insurance rates will skyrocket, making it much more difficult for drivers to find coverage.

Additionally, a drunk driving conviction could have consequences that some people may not realize. It could potentially jeopardize employment, as it may be difficult for a person who has lost a license to travel to and from work. Those professions that require special certifications or security clearances could find themselves out of work.

It is important to know the options that are available for your situation. Simply pleading guilty to charges will not make the matter go away, and could in fact make things worse.

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