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If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Denver area or another city along Colorado’s Front Range, speak to an experienced DUI/DWAI defense attorney as soon as possible. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we will aggressively fight to defend your rights and protect your driving privileges in all DUI-related matters, including Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings dealing with license suspensions, revocations and habitual traffic offender (HTO) issues.

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Our Drunk Driving Defense Practice

Attorneys at our law firm have handled thousands of drunk driving cases involving both felony and misdemeanor offenses, adult drivers, underage drivers, evidentiary issues and driver’s license-related concerns. Learn more about our practice and specific charges or issues by clicking on the highlighted links provided below.

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors and get the charges reduced or dismissed. In other cases, it may take a vigorous defense in order to fully protect your rights. We have a long track record of working successfully to have penalties reduced, cases dismissed and not-guilty jury verdicts delivered in court.

Led by our firm’s founding attorney, Shazam Kianpour, our legal team combines experience and legal knowledge with an aggressive, fact-based approach to DUI defense. We will investigate all aspects of your case, including issues related to police misconduct and faulty breath and blood testing equipment, and we will challenge the prosecution to meet its burden of proof at every opportunity. We will also work closely with you throughout the process, explaining the laws that apply to your case, as well as your rights and defense options so that you will be able to make sound legal decisions concerning your own defense.

It’s important to note that the stories and cases reported on this blog are not meant to implicitly or explicitly depict cases actively handled by our firm. In most cases, the blog will simply be covering cases similar to those we are interested in handling.

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