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January 2012 Archives

Sex crime charges out of Colorado Air Force Academy draw spotlight

The matter of sex crimes in the military has attracted attention up the chain of command all the way to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. In Colorado, several recent reported sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy resulted in three cadets being charged with abusive sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and rape. All suspects have criminal defense attorney protection to preserve their rights to innocence until proven guilty and to obtain a fair trial. Secretary Panetta says there were almost 3,200 sexual assaults reported last year in all the military, but that the actual number runs much higher, closer to 19,000. Few victims are willing to make the report of a crime, and some do not even understand that they have experienced a sexual assault because it was never clearly defined. Sex crimes in the military are nothing new, but are greatly underreported, due to conflicts of interest, fear of retaliation and fear of making the report.

Domestic violence may become a focus in women's medical visits

Accusations of abuse are extremely serious. They can affect a person's freedom, family life and overall reputation in his community. Many people become the targets of false domestic violence allegations, and a charge will go far enough in the legal process to significantly affect the quality of the accused suspect's life for some time.

Fight to legalize marijuana continues in Colorado, part 2

In our previous post, we shared that there is at least one attempt to decriminalize marijuana that will likely wind up on the Colorado ballot this year. But we also mentioned that there would possibly be another legal option on the ballot. It looks like the legalization of marijuana in the state is on the minds of many; thus the multiple related proposals.

Fight to legalize marijuana continues in Colorado, part 1

It's only January, but there are already at least two attempts within the state related to legalizing marijuana use in Colorado. In this post, we will discuss one legislative effort to give Coloradans more freedom to use marijuana without facing drug charges. An upcoming post will discuss a different bill with a similar goal but different details.

Federal immigration database change inspired by sex assault case

It isn't just Colorado that takes sex crime allegations extremely seriously; the U.S. as a country leaves little room for sex assault suspects to come out of a criminal case with any privacy or integrity intact. Sex crimes are so widely stigmatized across the country that it's not uncommon for an individual case to effect national change.

Plea deal frees Colorado suspect from DUI charge

The legal process can be complicated and daunting. That is why someone who is charged with a crime needs to have a straightforward, aggressive criminal defense attorney whom he knows has his best interests at heart. A defendant's best interests can be served through various routes, depending on a specific case and set of circumstances.

Sex assault claim isn't a conviction or reason to attack suspect

It's not surprising that a parent would become emotional if they believed that their child were a victim of sexual assault. However, there are laws for a reason. They are meant to protect people's safety and the overall good of the community. If everyone were treated by society as a convicted criminal simply after being accused of a crime, a lot of us would be in trouble.

Would reclassifying marijuana for medical use help control it?

Marijuana is one of the first "controlled substance" drugs that children and others are warned about, and it is often glorified through various "party" movies. However, for many people marijuana isn't just for fun. It is used for medicinal purposes in many states and many swear by its ability to reduce pain.

Former Denver officer believes DUI punishment was too severe

There is no doubt that a drunk driving conviction can mean significant life consequences for a person. And that is true no matter who the supposed offender is, even if he is a police officer. It takes aggressive representation by a criminal defense attorney for a defendant to have a better shot at regaining his normal life back after a DUI arrest.