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Fight to legalize marijuana continues in Colorado, part 2

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2012 | Drug Possession |

In our previous post, we shared that there is at least one attempt to decriminalize marijuana that will likely wind up on the Colorado ballot this year. But we also mentioned that there would possibly be another legal option on the ballot. It looks like the legalization of marijuana in the state is on the minds of many; thus the multiple related proposals.

As we said in the past post, the first proposal basically calls for the system to treat marijuana like alcohol. Those 21 and over could buy and use the drug, as long as they have no more than on ounce on them at a time. That proposal, therefore, has regulations attached to it. The other proposal would put fewer limitations on the drug.

The Associated Press reports that the newer proposal in the process of trying to gain support would involve the following:

  • There would be no age limit regarding who can use the drug
  • There would be no limit on the amount of marijuana that a person could have in their possession
  • There would be no indirect tax related to the sale of the drug

Based on the above points, it does sound like this proposal is a direct response to the first proposal, which sets an age limit, amount limit and tax plans. This more recent proposal certainly would change the scope of marijuana laws. Being that the first proposal already worries critics of decriminalization, this second proposal could have a difficult time finding widespread approval.

Those behind this second proposal are still in the process of collecting signatures in support of the measure. They will need more than 86,000 signatures (that are valid) in order for the proposal to possibly appear on the Colorado ballot.


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