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Sex assault claim isn’t a conviction or reason to attack suspect

| Jan 9, 2012 | Sexual Assault

It’s not surprising that a parent would become emotional if they believed that their child were a victim of sexual assault. However, there are laws for a reason. They are meant to protect people’s safety and the overall good of the community. If everyone were treated by society as a convicted criminal simply after being accused of a crime, a lot of us would be in trouble.

One mother in Colorado reportedly made trouble for at least one man when she attacked an apartment complex with gunfire. She believed that she was seeking vengeance for abuse that her son allegedly has faced at the hands of the apartment’s dweller. But what she did not only needlessly injured an innocent person; but it is against the law.

According to a Denver report, the mother is 25 years old and facing the idea that her young son might be a victim of sex assault. His grandmother reported to police on Christmas that she believed the boy was a victim of the crime. She identified the supposed offender, though it is early in the investigation and the suspect was still going about his life in his apartment four days after the report was made. It sounds, however, like he might have been safer in the custody of officials.

The mother of the alleged child victim is accused of finding the suspect’s apartment and shooting multiple gunshots through his window. She was aiming for the suspect but ended up shooting a guest in his apartment instead. That victim is reportedly in critical condition as a result of the attack.

Now, not only are Colorado officials dealing with a sex assault on a child case, but they have a case of attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault on their hands with regards to the child’s mother. The outcome of her assault could have been worse, as a total of 27 bullets were fired and three other apartments in the building were hit by the gunfire.

Again, the feelings that a parent might feel if she believes her child has been abused are unimaginable. But the sex crime suspect deserves a fair trial and then the legal sentencing that would come from a potential conviction if there is sufficient evidence against him.

Anyone could be accused of a crime. A person shouldn’t have to worry that a mere allegation could mean their safety is at risk before a trial has even taken place.


abc 7 News: “Mom: I Shot Apt. Of Man Who Sexually Assaulted My Child,” Wayne Harrison, Jan. 5, 2012


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