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December 2011 Archives

Denver offers options to celebrate 2012 DUI-free

With other big holidays behind us, there is still one big celebration left this year. New Year's Eve is on Saturday, and the night will be sure to bring out the party animal in many of us. The city is offering some helpful transportation options for those out there who want to avoid being pulled over for drunk driving. That sort of scenario would not be a fun way to ring in the New Year.

Child porn charges could be dismissed against Colorado man

There are set standards within the legal process. Those standards help to ensure that criminal cases are handled with equal care. They help provide a criminal suspect the best chance at defending his name. The set process helps give defense attorneys and prosecutors equal chance at building a case for or against a defendant.

Denver auditor criticizes red light and speeding cameras

Since 2002, some sort of speeding and red light camera program has been going on in parts of Colorado. The cameras are meant to help law enforcement catch people speeding or running red lights and, therefore, improve traffic safety. While Colorado residents and criminal defense attorneys have spoken out against the cameras for a while, a new critic of the programs has come forward.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries fight battle for their businesses

Colorado is on the frontline of the battle to make the legalization of medical marijuana work. While medical marijuana is legal in the state, its legalization hasn't made the road for patients and those who distribute their medication an easy one. The fight continues for marijuana growers and dispensary owners to feel as mere business owners instead of drug criminals in Colorado.

Denver 'role model's' work at risk due to sex abuse charge

His story is one of the American dream. A now 34-year-old accomplished athlete, coach and counselor came here as an immigrant. He brought his hopes and passions to Colorado, proving himself as an All-American athlete at the University of Colorado and a guiding light to students at a local high school.

Some Colorado DUI cases reevaluated due to officer's 'bias'

Getting pulled over for a DUI happens to people within the state just about every day, but it shouldn't be treated as an everyday, casual occurrence. When it happens to an individual, a DUI charge can mean limited freedoms, including jail time and a suspended driver's license. There is also the stigma that goes along with a DUI conviction, which can be enough for anyone to see why it's crucial to be aggressive when faced with such a charge.

Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller amidst another legal stir in Colorado

More than a year ago, we shared a domestic violence post about star Charlie Sheen and his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They were in Aspen and Mueller called in authorities, claiming that Sheen was being violent toward her. She later wanted to drop the charges against him, and even though they are now divorced, the two still have a close relationship. They are parents of two twin boys.

Could legalizing pot be a traffic safety jackpot in Colorado?

The University of Colorado released a study recently that could mean a promising future for the legalization of medical marijuana. Sure, pot can help alleviate patients' pains, but can it also decrease the number of people who die in traffic accidents? According to a recent study, that looks like it could be true.