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Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller amidst another legal stir in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2011 | Drug Charges |

More than a year ago, we shared a domestic violence post about star Charlie Sheen and his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They were in Aspen and Mueller called in authorities, claiming that Sheen was being violent toward her. She later wanted to drop the charges against him, and even though they are now divorced, the two still have a close relationship. They are parents of two twin boys.

Last weekend, Mueller minus Sheen wound up facing further legal trouble in Colorado. She was arrested for an alleged assault, as well as drug charges related to cocaine possession. Mueller reportedly claims that she is not guilty of the accusations and has a defense attorney fighting her battle in Colorado, while she has already returned home to be with her children.

According to Reuters, Mueller was arrested in an Aspen nightclub last Friday because an unidentified woman accused her of assault. When police apprehended Mueller, they supposedly found cocaine on her. Despite these reports, Mueller’s defense lawyer suggests that the Colorado criminal charges will be dropped against the now infamous star.

While the future of these criminal charges is still unknown, sources do report that last weekend’s arrest hasn’t affected the child custody agreement between Mueller and Sheen. She returned to California to be with her boys, and it doesn’t sound like Sheen has any problem with his ex keeping custody of the boys. In fact, reports indicate that it was Sheen who likely posted Mueller’s bail.

While the future may sound promising for Mueller, it is still crucial to stress how invaluable it is that she has the support of an experienced defense attorney. Not only is a person’ freedom on the line with regards to an assault and drug charge, but a person’s ability to parent her children is also threatened by accusations of criminal activity.


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