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November 2011 Archives

Ugly Colorado traffic incident leads to no criminal charge

Failing to move forward immediately when a light turns green is not a traffic violation. It can, however, be annoying and disrupting to the drivers behind that person. Most of us are in a hurry these days and feel that it is our responsibility to help ensure that traffic runs smoothly, which is why using one's car horn is not only acceptable but sometimes helpful.

Attacks continue against Colorado sex offender

In the past, we have discussed sex offender laws and how they severely limit the freedoms of convicted offenders. The severity of supposed crimes varies but the registry can still mean significant life-changing rules for a person. And if having to register as a sex offender isn't enough, the public always can make someone who is trying to rebuild his life extremely difficult.

Japan's drug laws ensnare a Colorado student in their trap

Studying abroad is a college opportunity that people either take advantage of or often regret not having experienced. One brave 25-year-old Colorado School of Mines student took the adventurous step of traveling to Japan. His plan was to challenge himself in a new culture, inspire others to travel abroad and help with earthquake relief efforts.

Denver red-light cameras: Crossing the line?

We have discussed controversial red-light cameras on this criminal defense blog before. In fact, just last month, we posted a piece stating that Colorado Springs has put an end to its use of the cameras because they've found that citing people for alleged red-light traffic violations didn't provide more safety.

Halloween weekend a scary time for those arrested for DUI

It seems to many of us that over the past several years, Halloween has become more than a children's holiday. In workplaces and at parties, more and more adults have begun to indulge in dressing up - sometimes in a rather risqué costume - and socializing.

Colorado man reaches plea agreement after cocaine bust

Sometimes a drug arrest can almost appear to be out of nowhere. A phone call is made to someone, who turns out to be a known drug dealer being watched by law enforcement, and before anyone knows what happened, federal agents are involved, and people are facing numerous drug charges.

Man accused of sexual assault by University of Colorado police

A 29-year-old was recently arrested by the University of Colorado Boulder police on suspicion of committing a sex crime. His arrest came right before officials were going to issue a safety alert related to the sexual assault that supposedly happened at Williams Village.