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Attacks continue against Colorado sex offender

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

In the past, we have discussed sex offender laws and how they severely limit the freedoms of convicted offenders. The severity of supposed crimes varies but the registry can still mean significant life-changing rules for a person. And if having to register as a sex offender isn’t enough, the public always can make someone who is trying to rebuild his life extremely difficult.

According to a Denver news story, one former doctor who was convicted of sex crimes more than 20 years ago can’t seem to move beyond his past. The media and public are going after him for trying to work as an educational tutor. One reader says, “He needs a job and he needs to work somewhere.” This is true, but it’s not that easy for the now 63-year-old registered sex offender.

KMGH Denver reports that the in the past, the former doctor was convicted of various counts of sexual assault related to his work with female patients. He voluntarily gave up his medical license and has since needed to live as a registered sex offender. He hasn’t practiced medicine since his convictions but has tried to support himself by using his knowledge to teach.

While some in the media and public believe that the former doctor shouldn’t be able to tutor, it is important to know that the court has reportedly not limited the man from working with women or children. He has the right to make a living, while any potential student he might tutor has the right and ability to look into his criminal history.

We certainly don’t know the motivations behind this registered sex offender’s desire to be a tutor. And we are not defending his interests, per se. But the essential point of this post is to highlight the lasting stigma that follows individuals convicted of sex crimes. That’s why it’s so important for anyone faced with such criminal allegations to work with an aggressive criminal defense attorney.


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