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Man accused of sexual assault by University of Colorado police

| Nov 1, 2011 | Sexual Assault

A 29-year-old was recently arrested by the University of Colorado Boulder police on suspicion of committing a sex crime. His arrest came right before officials were going to issue a safety alert related to the sexual assault that supposedly happened at Williams Village.

According to police, a woman reported that she and her friends had gotten a ride to Williams Village from a man they had met the previous night. She claims that once back at Williams Village, she fell asleep, and later woke up to the same man inappropriately touching her.

After the woman reported the alleged incident, community safety officials and University of Colorado Boulder police started to patrol Williams Village. At this time, detectives were still attempting to identify who the man even was, and a safety alert was about to be issued, when the 29-year-old was arrested on campus. He was subsequently booked on one count of sexual assault, three counts of burglary, four counts of trespass and three counts of theft.

The trespass, theft and burglary charges appear to be related to claims made by others that the 29-year-old was seen going into the women’s restrooms at Williams Village, and taking people’s towels and clothes while they were in the shower.

In this case, several questions are immediately raised. For example, if this 29-year-old was the man stealing items from the restrooms, is there an assumption being made by police that there is a connection to the sexual assault? And, how did police even identify the 29-year-old as the same man involved in the alleged assault?

In general, sexual assault investigations and accusations are ones that should be taken very seriously, as the consequences can be quite severe. Additionally, with sexual assault cases, the prosecution can often have the upper hand due to a sympathetic jury who will basically decide a person is guilty, even before hearing the entire case.

However, even though these assumptions run rampant in sexual assault cases, a good defense attorney can still help to make sure that a person’s rights are protected.

Source: KMGH Denver, “Nathan Wood Not A CU Student, Police Say,” Wayne Harrison, Oct. 24, 2011


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