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September 2011 Archives

Denver child's death leads to felony child abuse charge

Criminal charges are serious for anyone, but they can be especially life-changing for those who have children. In the case of one Colorado woman, she was in jail for a drug possession conviction when she had her child. He spent the beginning of his life in the hands of the government while his mother was incarcerated due to supposed drug offenses and probation violations.

Denver sex assault case stalled because of evidence snags

The criminal justice system only works if all professionals involved with a case do their jobs properly. When someone drops the ball with regards to a criminal case, the defendant charged with a crime is left stressing about his future.

Denver uses more effective lineup in criminal investigations

We have all seen the process play out in TV crime dramas. A witness is brought into a dark room, surrounded by investigators working a criminal case. A lineup of men or women is brought into another room that the witness can see into through a one-way window.

Colorado Rockies player suspended for supposed drug abuse

In the past, we have covered multiple stories involving professional athletes. Athletes are not strangers to facing criminal charges. Perhaps it's because the system likes to try to make very public examples of the players, but the reason cannot be entirely identified.

Denver drivers are at high risk of getting speeding tickets

Local news reports have jumped all over a nationwide study that looks into the number of "speed traps" found in various U.S. states and cities. Colorado residents have great interest in the study because it turns out that there are two cities here that make the top ten list of U.S. locations with the highest number of speed enforcement operations.

Colorado mother suspected of less obvious form of child abuse

Authorities in Colorado take suspicion of child abuse very seriously. An accusation of child abuse is a life-changing, damaging thing for any parent, and one Colorado mother is living with that hardship after an incident on Thursday.

Medical marijuana's legal complications continue in U.S.

It can seem like Colorado is alone in the fight to keep medical marijuana legal and clarify the rights of residents to grow, sell and possess the drug, but it's not alone in that battle. For example, Montana also has legalized the use of medical marijuana and, like Colorado, is in the ongoing, complex process of trying to address various legal debates that have come up as a result of the change in drug laws.

Colorado medical marijuana laws need further clarification

Do you have the Constitutional right to drive or work under the influence of marijuana? What if you have a prescription for medical marijuana? The relatively new area of law related to legalized medical marijuana is still confusing to the average person; but the Colorado Supreme Court may clarify some boundaries soon.