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Colorado Rockies player suspended for supposed drug abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2011 | Drug Charges |

In the past, we have covered multiple stories involving professional athletes. Athletes are not strangers to facing criminal charges. Perhaps it’s because the system likes to try to make very public examples of the players, but the reason cannot be entirely identified.

Another athlete, a Colorado Rockies catcher, is currently in the limelight related to a supposed drug offense he has committed. Major League Baseball has its own rules regarding drugs, including the use of performance enhancing substances. Players accused of using the drugs might not always answer to the legal system, but they do answer to their employer and often in harsh ways.

According to news reports, 32-year-old Eliezer Alfonzo is temporarily banned from playing with his team. A test reportedly showed that Alfonzo had performance enhancing drugs in his system, which is in violation of MLB’s rules. Using steroids is also against the law, unless a person has a valid prescription for the drug.

Alfonzo is required to sit out of 100 games due to the most recent test and MLB decision, a severe consequence for what is reportedly his second time being caught with an illegal substance in his system. Alonzo has never admitted to knowingly using steroids and claims that the recent test result “surprised” him.

It’s a professionally serious matter for the MLB catcher. According to league rules, if drugs are found in his system again, he will be banned from playing in the league entirely. There might be no report that the star is facing legal charges or consequences for his supposed drug use, but losing out on the opportunity to fulfill one’s professional dream is a high price to pay within itself.


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