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June 2011 Archives

Supreme Court: DWI conviction requires BAC testimony

When scientific evidence is introduced in criminal cases, not all such evidence is accurate. Machines make mistakes, and it is important that experienced professionals analyze any evidence before it can be used against a suspect. Defendants in criminal trials have the right to be skeptical of all evidence brought against them, and to analyze and dispute any such evidence.

Denver Bronco's sex assault arrest affidavit to go public

About one month ago, we posted a piece about high-profile Denver Broncos player Perrish Cox. The NFL star faces two serious charges: sexual assault while the victim was physically helpless and sexual assault while the victim was incapable of determining the nature of the conduct.

Colorado's 'Click It or Ticket' campaign led to lots of tickets

Last month, we included a post about a so-called safety campaign going on in the state. Between the dates of May 23 and Jun. 5, Colorado law enforcement had its sights set out for drivers and passengers who had committed seat belt violations.

States on deadline to comply with sex offender registry laws

It's a ticking clock for Colorado and various other states when it comes to getting funding for their jurisdictions' criminal justice needs. Specifically, the federal government is requiring states to comply with The Adam Walsh Act, a new set of regulations related to sex offenses such as child sexual abuse.

Colorado limits 'caregiver' definition in medical marijuana field

What makes the laws so complex, but what also makes them either work or not work, is the fact that every law is made up of specific wording. One wrong or vague word can cast doubt upon what a law actually means. That's why legislation is corrected and updated all of the time.

"Low-functioning" Colorado man sentenced for child sex assault

It sounds like a tragic story all around, not to mention an unfinished one. A 19-year-old was sentenced in Colorado court recently to eight years to life for having sex with a minor. He was convicted of the sex assault on a child charge in March and is also a reported suspect of the same victim's homicide.

Crash leads to several criminal charges against Colorado mother

Have you ever had a day where you feel like nothing else can go wrong? Maybe you wake up to a broken coffee machine and then an empty tank of gas in the car. Maybe you get pulled over for speeding, making you late to work. And when you get to work, it's a day full of obnoxious customer calls that you can't shake once you get home.