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Colorado limits ‘caregiver’ definition in medical marijuana field

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2011 | Drug Charges |

What makes the laws so complex, but what also makes them either work or not work, is the fact that every law is made up of specific wording. One wrong or vague word can cast doubt upon what a law actually means. That’s why legislation is corrected and updated all of the time.

Such is the case for a law that is very close to the hearts of many Colorado residents. As of 2000, medical marijuana was legalized in the state. Marijuana dispensaries and caregivers were legally allowed to sell the medical product. In a recent meeting led by the Colorado Board of Health, the term “caregiver” was redefined.

According to Denver reports, the Wednesday hearing was a passionate one, wherein lawmakers, law enforcement and medical marijuana advocates shared their opinions regarding limiting the freedoms to dispense medical marijuana. Law enforcement claims that there are too many so-called “caregivers” who are actually making money as “drug dealers.”

Despite some caregivers’ emotional objections, the board unanimously agreed to try to curb the amount of “drug dealers” by better specifying what a “caregiver” is in the state. Starting in July, a caregiver will be defined as someone who more than distributes medical pot and briefly consults with patients. A “caregiver” will be someone who also prepares meals, provides transportation and provides housekeeping for a patient.

Critics of the change see it as the government adding job responsibilities to a role that caregivers wouldn’t ultimately be paid for. “It’s just wrong,” lamented one hearing attendee.

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