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Colorado’s ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign led to lots of tickets

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2011 | Traffic Violations |

Last month, we included a post about a so-called safety campaign going on in the state. Between the dates of May 23 and Jun. 5, Colorado law enforcement had its sights set out for drivers and passengers who had committed seat belt violations.

The campaign, used nationwide, is called “Click It or Ticket” and proved that thousands of people in Colorado alone didn’t click it and did, in fact, get a ticket. According to local sources, more than 8,000 traffic tickets related to seat belt violations were issued during the short period of the campaign.

What’s the purpose of the campaign?

Safety advocates and law enforcement claim that focusing on seat belt and child restraint behaviors motivates drivers and passengers to see how important buckling up is regarding saving lives. If that is the case, then Colorado residents got exactly 8,105 reminders (in the form of tickets) about the life-saving effects of seat belts.

Critics question the campaign and seat belt laws for adults in general. Some wonder whether the honest motivation for law enforcement is actually safety or money. According to sources, a ticket for not wearing a seat belt costs at least $65. A ticket for not properly restraining a child is $82.

Sources report that more than 500 tickets were issued as a result of unrestrained kids. Combine that with the 7,000 plus number of unrestrained adult tickets and it adds up to a significant amount of money for the state.

What do you think about seat belt and child restraint laws in the state? Too strict? Not strict enough?


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