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May 2011 Archives

Denver police sergeant faces second DUI charge

Police officers have sworn to uphold the law. This doesn't mean, though, that they don't make the same mistakes that other private citizens do. For an example, you can look toward Colorado, where a sergeant on the Denver Police Department in late May was arrested for a suspected second DUI.

Research links binge drinking to sexual assault cases

For many who wind up involved in a criminal case, the legal situation is a result of bad choices and mistakes made. Sometimes, knowing how to prevent a situation wherein mistakes often happen is the best defense from legal problems.

Colorado campaign means intense focus on seat belt use

It's that time of year again. With a holiday weekend approaching, law enforcement and traffic safety agencies have concocted a campaign supposedly meant to protect Colorado residents. The focus is to encourage more drivers and passengers to use their seat belts and properly restrain children in required safety seats.

Denver Bronco pleads not guilty to sex assault charge

From the perspective of the public, it seems as though professional athletes wind up in legal trouble more often than the average person. It could be because they truly get in trouble, but it could also be that they are easy targets of people seeking to benefit from their downfall.

Teen accepts plea deal in Colorado daycare sex assault case

A daycare worker was recently arrested and charged with numerous offenses related to inappropriate interactions with children. The alleged sexual assault incidents purportedly took place at a Colorado church that offers childcare services to the surrounding community. The 19-year-old defendant in this case was an employee of the church daycare facility. The defendant pleaded guilty to two felony counts, first-degree assault and attempted sexual assault. Although he has not yet appeared for a sentencing hearing, it is expected that he will face 20 to 40 years in prison with at least ten years of supervised probation following his release. He will also be required to register as a sex offender.

Colorado county's program prioritizes health over drug charges

The last thing that an illegal drug user would probably want to do is show a government official his or her drug paraphernalia. Not only that, but they probably wouldn't dare to ask a government official for more equipment to support their addiction. Those scenarios sound like drug charges just waiting to happen.

Red light camera ticket vs. standard traffic ticket in Colorado

So many actions and aspects of our lives are made easier due to technology. We value the efficiency of certain machine-operated functions, until such machines cost us a traffic ticket.

Colorado coach could face life sentence for sex crime

According to sources, sentencing standards for sex crimes in Colorado were made harsher in the 1990's. In fact, it's possible that a convicted sex offender could be sentenced to life in prison for certain types of crimes. Some critics wonder if the relatively new sentencing standards sometimes mean excessive prison terms for certain offenders.

Marijuana cookies lead to Denver mother's child abuse charge

Chocolate chip cookies and kids go together like chocolate chip cookies and milk. That's true, unless the cookies are made with marijuana in them. In Colorado, such edible marijuana products are legal for medical purposes. The relatively new legality of such products, however, has reportedly led to an increased concern surrounding children safety.