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Red light camera ticket vs. standard traffic ticket in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 10, 2011 | Traffic Violations |

So many actions and aspects of our lives are made easier due to technology. We value the efficiency of certain machine-operated functions, until such machines cost us a traffic ticket.

In Colorado, law enforcement utilizes red light cameras and photo radar technology to catch people speeding. Alleged traffic law violators are then sent citations through the mail, prompting them to pay a fine for violating traffic laws. But, according to sources, such machine-produced tickets aren’t quite legit.

The purpose of this blog or the news resource is not to promote speeding or running red lights. However, it is always helpful to understand one’s legal rights. And when it comes to getting a ticket due to a red light camera or speeding camera, a Colorado criminal defense attorney claims that only personally-served tickets require action.

Someone who has allegedly run a red light or was caught speeding should be served a ticket in-person within 90 days after the supposed violation took place. If that doesn’t happen, the ticket should be dismissed.

Defense attorneys warn, however, that the city tries to scare payments out of alleged violators, which includes getting collection agencies involved. That, according to sources, violates state law. Those who feel that their rights are being violated due to a photo radar or photo red light traffic ticket should do what they legally can to protect their names.


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