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Research links binge drinking to sexual assault cases

On Behalf of | May 25, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

For many who wind up involved in a criminal case, the legal situation is a result of bad choices and mistakes made. Sometimes, knowing how to prevent a situation wherein mistakes often happen is the best defense from legal problems.

A recent report highlights various studies that prove irresponsible drinking is a significant contributing factor behind a lot of sexual assault cases. With high school students either having recently graduated or about to graduate, it’s important to highlight the dangers of excessive drinking in college.

Research from the Journal of American Medical Association indicates that more college students engage in binge drinking than in the past. To binge drink means consuming more than five alcoholic drinks at one event – such as a college party.

A study published by the National Institutes of Health says that most rapes of college women occur when the victim is too drunk to physically refuse the assault. With binge drinking on the rise, sources fear that the rate of sexual assaults that take place on campuses will increase.

Our resource doesn’t supply information regarding whether binge drinking affects a person’s likelihood to make unwanted sexual advances. However, the message seems simple enough, yet extremely important: whether you are male or female, excessive drinking significantly affects your judgment.

Be a responsible drinker to best avoid an incident of sex assault. That lesson is just about as valuable as anything else you will learn in college and could save you from becoming either a criminal suspect or crime victim.


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