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September 2010 Archives

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe Free from Sex Crime Claim

He might no longer be a Bronco, but details about the former Denver NFL player Shannon Sharpe's life are still in play within the Denver media. And the most recent news about Sharpe had the public worried about the player's reputation.

Justice Department Pot Memo Confusion Leads Man to Start Business

A Denver man facing federal marijuana cultivation charges had his case take a hit this week when the federal judge assigned to the mater sided with prosecutors on a key component of the man's defense. Christopher Bartkowicz attempted to have his attorney argue he ought not to face the aforementioned charges because he had started growing pot for profit in his basement only after reviewing memos from the U.S. Justice Department which he interpreted to reveal cultivation cases wouldn't be federally pursued if the cultivation and sale was occurring in states that allow medical marijuana.

Text Messages Ruled Inadmissible in Colorado Possession Case

It is good news for a Colorado man who is facing multiple drug charges. Stemming from an incident in Feb. 2008, the suspect was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and possession with intention to distribute. Sources note that the suspect also has other cases of lesser charges pending against him, including an assault charge.

Dumpster Diving Leads to Colorado Man's Sexual Assault Arrest

People dumpster dive for different reasons. Perhaps they do it to find food or other everyday items necessary to get by, and others do it looking for valuable, lost treasures. What one person likely did not expect while dumpster diving recently is that he would find evidence of a crime.

Do Colorado Officials Get to Skip Jail Time after a DUI Arrest?

A Pueblo County case brings up a question: Why wasn't a Colorado Department of Corrections investigator treated the way the majority of the public would be treated following a DUI arrest? A recent report identifies a problem within the county, but exactly what the problem is is up for debate or interpretation. Either legal officials get preferential treatment within the system or the system has no clear standards regarding the handling of DUI arrests.

Random Drug Testing Set to Occur in Colorado High School

The safety of children throughout the state, especially within school walls, is a noble priority. A recent program ready to begin in Cheyenne Mountain School District 12, however, brings up an important discussion. How much does the safety of Colorado children outweigh their right to privacy?

Colorado's Great Debate: How Do Employers Handle Medical Pot Use?

The following are points discussed in a recent Denver Post editorial, and the post is meant to merely include a timely issue to Coloradans on this blog. Colorado is sort of ahead of the game compared to the rest of the country regarding the legalization of medical marijuana. As long as residents are using the drug according to state law, then they are protected from facing any damaging drug charges.

Financial Value of Stopping Sex Offenses in Prison, Part 2

This post continues and concludes the financial argument for protecting U.S. inmates and corrections workers from sex abuse in jails and prisons. If the ethical reason that prisoners are people too and deserve to feel safe in government facilities isn't enough, then human rights advocates hope that financial reasons will help affect change within the system:

Financial Value of Stopping Sex Offenses in Prison, Part 1

Last week, we began a series of posts discussing sex offenses that take place within the walls of U.S. prisons and jails. First, we presented the statistics of sex crimes occurring among incarcerated men and women, and then we presented the case of former Colorado prisoner Scott Howard, who was often raped and forced to perform sexual acts on inmates before his release.