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Dumpster Diving Leads to Colorado Man’s Sexual Assault Arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2010 | Sexual Assault |

People dumpster dive for different reasons. Perhaps they do it to find food or other everyday items necessary to get by, and others do it looking for valuable, lost treasures. What one person likely did not expect while dumpster diving recently is that he would find evidence of a crime.

The man was searching through trash behind a 7-11 in Colorado Springs when he found a briefcase filled with photos and a video. The images allegedly depict a now 52-year-old man engaging in sexual acts with a female minor.

Because investigators also found documents with the suspect’s name on them in the briefcase, they were able to connect the suspect with the images of sexual assault. On Tuesday, the suspect was arrested on charges of sexual assault on a child and sexual exploitation of children.

According to sources, the images reveal that the Colorado suspect engaged in sexual acts with the same female child over a period of several years. Reports say that the images show the alleged victim at a range of ages, from 8 to 14.

The suspect has admitted to authorities that he had a “sexual relationship” with the girl that stopped some time in 2006 or 2007. He says that the relations took place in an apartment a mere block away from the dumpster where the briefcase was discovered.

Sources say that the evidence of sex assault ended up in the 7-11dumpster because the suspect was no longer living in the nearby apartment, and the complex employees cleaned out his place. The suspect was reportedly living in a long-term care facility during that time, but there is no confirmation regarding what kind of care he was receiving. 

Currently, the suspect remains in jail on $100,000 bond. We will post an update as this case moves forward.


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