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Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe Free from Sex Crime Claim

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2010 | Sex Crimes |

He might no longer be a Bronco, but details about the former Denver NFL player Shannon Sharpe’s life are still in play within the Denver media. And the most recent news about Sharpe had the public worried about the player’s reputation.

A female acquaintance of the now television sports analyst told authorities that Sharpe made threats against and sexually assaulted her. Sharpe, however, was never formally charged with a sex crime, and almost as soon as the female accused him of the crimes and got a protective order against him, she dropped the charges entirely.

According to the Denver Post, she says that she dropped the charges and withdrew the restraining order against Sharpe because she felt more threatened after taking legal action than she felt before. But sources who know the female report that they do not believe her incriminating claims about Sharpe.

One source suggests that the so-called female victim was obsessed with Sharpe and basically “stalking” him. She reportedly met the former NFL player when she lived in Denver and worked for a local TV station. Due to her job, she had access to sports players, which is how she met Sharpe.

A source suspects that the woman became infatuated with Sharpe when she met him during that period and has since been under the delusion that they were truly romantically involved. Sharpe denies all of the allegations against him, and he also denies that he was ever involved with the woman outside of work.

He is thankful that the case was dismissed and that he can get back to his life. CBS did temporarily suspend Sharpe from work when word of the case got out, but the station quickly welcomed him back to his “The NFL Today” post after the charges were dismissed.

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