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High speed police chase

Recently, the Denver metro area woke up to a high speed police chase. Early in the morning a car was left running at a gas station with a four year old boy inside. A simple stop to get coffee turned into a harrowing ordeal for one area parent.

Reckless Driving in Colorado

104 Cars Involved in Huge Pile Up One person died and 30 were injured on March 1, 2014 in the 104 car pile up on Interstate 25. The cold and bad weather create opportunities for accidents. Your life can change in a split second and we should avoid driving when conditions are bad, if you don't have to. According to, Colorado is among the top ten states for Icy Road fatalities. If you are driving in snowy/icy conditions, you want to slow down, pay attention to the road, and be very careful of other cars.

Proposed New Colorado Law Could Allow Bars to Stay Open Later

Colorado state law prohibits your local bar from selling alcohol between the hours of 2 A.M. and 7 A.M. Last Call! House Bill 1132 proposes to give your local government more latitude with the above-referenced restriction on selling alcohol. For example, downtown Denver could allow the sale of alcohol up to 4:30 A.M. -instead of 2 A.M. under this proposed amendment to the law.

Justin Bieber potentially charged with felony for egg-throwing case

The media reports that Justin Bieber is under investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for vandalism and assault charges. The allegations stem from an incident occurring on or about Jan 9, 2014 where Justin Bieber is accused of hurling eggs at his neighbor's mansion damaging the plaster and imported wood in excess of $20,000.00.

Colorado's Great Debate: How Do Employers Handle Medical Pot Use?

The following are points discussed in a recent Denver Post editorial, and the post is meant to merely include a timely issue to Coloradans on this blog. Colorado is sort of ahead of the game compared to the rest of the country regarding the legalization of medical marijuana. As long as residents are using the drug according to state law, then they are protected from facing any damaging drug charges.

Medical Marijuana Laws Set to Change in Colorado

It has been only three years since medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have sprouted up, but there are already big changes in the works for the cannabis-friendly state.

Background Check Bill Passed by U.S. House

If you're thinking about volunteering to be a troop leader this fall, don't be surprised that the Girl Scouts application requires a criminal background check. To identify potential volunteers with a history of child abuse or sex offenses, many organizations in Colorado and across the nation that focus on youth have been screening volunteers for the past few years.

Colorado Judge Rules Not a Crime to Lie About Being in Military

This is a different sort of case than what is usually covered on this blog, but it certainly is interesting and worth discussing. In a recent ruling, a U.S. District Judge in Colorado ruled that it is not a crime to misrepresent oneself as a military member or veteran.

Denver Detective Fabricated Case Against Robbery Suspect

Denver Police Detective Paul Baca has gone from proving others' guilt in his line of work, to defending his own name. He has been accused of fabricating evidence in order to arrest a suspect in the 2009 Lodo robberies.