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Castle Rock burglar gets 20 years

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Criminal Law, Current Topics in the News, Theft and Economic Crimes |

Michael Loupe, 47, posed as a fire inspector and burgled several businesses in Castle Rock before getting caught in February 2020. He initially posed as the inspector and would then disable the security. He would later return after closing to steal from safes. He was caught after robbing four restaurants in one night.

Despite taking the security equipment from the four restaurants, officials determined that Loupe inspected a fifth restaurant that day but did not rob it. Since he did not rob the restaurant and take its’ security equipment, law enforcement was able to post images of Loupe disabling security sensors. Department of Corrections employees subsequently recognized him. It turns out that he also inspected eight other businesses on the same day.

The ruling

On October 18, a judge sentenced Loupe to 20 years in prison for second-degree burglary, third-degree burglary and criminal impersonation. He faced more than 30 charges that were ultimately dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

“What this defendant did was economically harmful to the businesses he targeted, but it was more insidious than that alone,” said Deputy District Attorney Joel Zink. “He also attacked our trust for one another as community members. This sentence holds him accountable for his manipulative actions and serves as a warning to others who would seek to do the same.”

He was a repeat offender

This will not be Loupe’s first time in prison — he was paroled in 2019 for prior felony theft, burglary and robbery convictions. While in prison, Loupe learned the skills he used to pose as a fire alarm inspector, serving as a prison trustee who tested alarms and examined fire alarm systems. It was also why corrections officers recognized his image.

Could have been worse

While his charges are severe, they could have been worse — he was a repeat offender, and he presented himself in the vital role of fire alarm inspector. The plea bargaining likely reduced the length of the sentence and other penalties.