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November 2016 Archives

Victims can't drop charges, even in domestic violence cases

A person facing charges related to domestic violence often holds out hope that a reconciliation will put an end to the criminal charges. That isn't how these things work, in most cases, so it is important for those facing domestic violence charges to understand this.

Man sentenced to vehicular homicide for drunk driving accident

No one wants to hurt another person in a moment of foolishness, but drunk drivers often find themselves in just this situation. Unfortunately, those same drivers often make the double mistake of being overcome by the weight of the situation and making things much worse for themselves in the process.

Underage drinking and driving: The ways to talk to teens

Underage drinking can get a minor into a lot of trouble with the law. As a parent, you may be looking into ways to talk to your child about underage drinking, so you can try to prevent any underage arrests or drinking-related issues.

Greater recreational freedom entails greater responsibility

It's no secret that one of the big winners of the recent election was the turning tide of public opinion regarding marijuana, with nearly all of the states who had legalization initiatives on their ballots passing them. Of course, Colorado has been blazing that particular trail for some time, as one the very first states to pass legalization measures. For some reason, however, many residents of the state are not content to settle for those substances which have been made legal for recreational use -- a lesson each new state experimenting with its own legalization measures will have to face in their own time.

What is the importance of a breath test?

If you're stopped for driving erratically, you may be asked to take a blood alcohol concentration test in the form of a Breathalyzer test. This test helps police understand if you are intoxicated by definition of the law. If you are, then you may immediately be arrested, and it's important that you begin defending yourself from that point on.

Address traffic violations quickly after they occur

In one of our recent posts, we discussed how the eve of Thanksgiving is the biggest night for drinking of the entire year. That day is only one of the possible party days people will face in the next couple of months as we make our way through the winter holiday season. As you go to these events and head back home, it is important for you to make sure that you are driving in a safe manner.

Pro football exec receives domestic violence prevention award

Many heads were turned recently when an executive vice president with the National Football League was presented with the Champions of Change award by University of Colorado Denver's Center on Domestic Violence. It recognized his role in strengthening the league's policies on domestic violence. This award seems oddly timed in what many see as the recent wake of a high-profile domestic violence cases in the NFL that were handled insufficiently by the league.

Know your options for case resolution in sex-related cases

When you are accused of sex-related crimes, your future is unsure. You are facing possible time in prison, fines and other penalties if you are convicted. There aren't any guarantees in these cases, so you should be sure that you shore up your defense to prepare for trial.

Woman killed in case of extreme domestic violence

Domestic violence is never pretty, but some instances escalate beyond common disagreements turning physical to something else entirely. Just such a sad story played out recently in Glenwood Springs after a man allegedly killed his wife in what authorities are terming a case of "extreme domestic violence."

Initiative 300 may be setting you up for a drugged driving charge

Initiative 300 could open the door to marijuana use being allowed in any Denver restaurant, bar or business. The Denver Post reports that this may not be a good idea for Colorado, because it could lead to an increase in drugged driving. Drugged driving threatens everyone including the driver, passengers and pedestrians walking on or near the roads.

Federal agents rescue minors in sex traffic sting operation

The very concept of child prostitution and sex slavery in the modern developed world seems difficult to believe, but it is still hiding closer than we'd like to think. Colorado and Wyoming officials working in tandem with Federal Bureau of Investigation task forces brought this heartbreaking reality to light recently with the arrest of multiple pimps and customers across the region, at the same time rescuing nine children.