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September 2016 Archives

What should you know about drinking and driving when underage?

A minimum age of 21 helps save lives by preventing teens and young adults from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. The laws limit who can purchase and drink alcohol as well as limiting the amount of alcohol a minor can have in his or her bloodstream at any particular time.

Sex-related crimes involving children have strict penalties

Sex-related crimes of any sort are difficult to have to stand against. When the crime is one that involves a child, it can be especially difficult for defendants to fight back against the claims of the prosecution. Understanding some of the basic points about criminal sexual acts against children might help defendants to determine what course of action they need to follow with their case in the criminal justice system.

Colorado man attempts to kill his young son in car accident

A grizzly scene concluded much better than it was meant to recently, when a Colorado man was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill his 2-year-old son. The man is currently facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular manslaughter, among others.

Traffic stop yields drug charges, murder suspects

A routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn recently and resulted in arrests for three individuals suspected of the murder of a Colorado man. Officers in Illinois found that a car they had pulled over belonged to a man whose body had later been found, while the car itself contained traces of blood, weapons, and some drugs. The three individuals were arrested at the scene.

The penalties for driving without a license can be severe

It may be that you forgot your license at home, had an emergency and had to get somewhere despite not having a license or that you simply wanted to travel even though your license had been taken away, but if you've been accused of driving without a license, your reputation is already on the line.

Attacking the alleged victim might backfire in sex-related cases

In a previous blog post, we discussed the difference between sexual contact and sexual assault. If you recall, the big difference is whether there was penetration or not. Sexual contact doesn't involve penetration and sexual assault does involve penetration. This difference is only factor that can affect your case.

New law provides harsh punishment for strangulation

Those who face some forms of domestic violence charges are in for a harsh awakening from some new Colorado legislation. Just three months ago, new legislation was passed making it a felony to strangle another person, and the Denver County District Attorney has been prosecuting strangulation cases with impressive zeal.

What is the difference between sexual assault and sexual contact?

Rape and sexual assault are both crimes in Colorado. Instead of having these crimes divided into levels, they are divided into categories of sexual assault or sexual contact. The difference is in whether or not any kind of penetration took place.

Do you understand the many types of traffic violations?

It's important for every driver to understand the responsibility associated with operating a motor vehicle. If for any reason you get lazy, there's a good chance that you could be pulled over and charged with some type of traffic violation.