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Traffic stop yields drug charges, murder suspects

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Drug Possession |

A routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn recently and resulted in arrests for three individuals suspected of the murder of a Colorado man. Officers in Illinois found that a car they had pulled over belonged to a man whose body had later been found, while the car itself contained traces of blood, weapons, and some drugs. The three individuals were arrested at the scene.

The individuals who were arrested were charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, possession, delivery of 100-400 grams of cocaine and several other drug charges, and are currently being investigated in connection with the death of the owner of the vehicle they were riding in, a young man from Fort Collins who was reported missing on August 26th and whose body was found on September 3rd.

Two of the three who were arrested reportedly waived their rights to extradition, and will be returning to Colorado to face charges. One of the individuals invoked Illinois procedures for extradition, and will be continuing to deal with his drug and weapons charges in Illinois.

There remain many questions regarding the nature of these three individuals’ involvement in the death of the man from Fort Collins, and they deserve to be presumed innocent until proven to be specifically connected. It may be tempting to assume that simply because they were in the vehicle that belonged to the deceased, that they were directly related to his death. These kinds of assumptions are dangerous. Anyone who stands accused of a crime, regardless of how great or small that crime may be, deserves an excellent defense by a competent criminal defense lawyer who will see that his or her rights remain protected while they receive a fair hearing.

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