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August 2016 Archives

Underage drinking: The facts and why defense is important

Teens who get behind the wheel and drive drunk are taking a very dangerous risk. They risk getting into an accident that could harm them, their passengers or other drivers on the road. Even if nothing happens, a traffic stop could lead to penalties from the police; these punishments can be anything from a minor license revocation on a first offense up to thousands of dollars in fines or misdemeanor charges. Felony charges might even be considered in serious cases where someone was particularly reckless.

Home growers face tough restrictions in some Colorado cities

Colorado has made many progressive legislative moves to place it at the forefront of marijuana legalization. However, while many pro-marijuana advocates throughout the country have hailed the state for legalizing the recreational use of the controversial substance, there are still some members of the pro-marijuana community who are being found increasingly on the wrong side of law. Throughout Colorado, some cities are reacting to the statewide legalization of marijuana by passing laws that restrict those who prefer to grow their own instead of buying from a licensed dispensary.

What is vehicular manslaughter or homicide?

If you've been suffering because of the loss of a loved one after a car accident, you may be wondering what the law will do to protect others and to punish the persons who caused your family member's death. One thing the law may do is classify the case as a vehicular manslaughter or homicide.

Drunk driving cases are sometimes interesting

Facing a drunk driving charge doesn't mean that you should resign yourself to have to face harsh penalties. In fact, it is possible that your defense strategy might be able to get you out of having to spend time in prison. One Colorado man facing a sixth charge for driving under the influence was sentenced on serve only time on probation and community service. We know that this might be a bit shocking for some people, but a ray of hope for others.

Man faces strange domestic violence charges

A young man is facing some peculiar charges in the wake of an alleged incident involving domestic assault to both a human and a kitten. The 19-year old man was accused of strangling and assaulting his girlfriend after she attempted to intervene while he was allegedly strangling her kitten.

Medical and recreational marijuana licensing in Colorado

Drug offenses in Colorado are slightly different than some states because of the legalization of marijuana. Despite it being legal, there are still times when a person can be charged with a crime for possessing or selling marijuana. Here are some quick facts about marijuana, the laws in the state of Colorado and what you need to do to have it or sell it legally.

Fight back against traffic violations

Any traffic ticket is something that has the chance to greatly impact your finances. In some cases, you might be prepared for the initial impact of the ticket, which would be the fine that comes along with it. What you might not realize is that the financial impact of the traffic violation might go far beyond the initial cost of the fine. You might have to deal with a driver's license suspension or having to take classes.

What impact has Colorado's felony DUI law had so far?

People who follow changes in Colorado’s criminal law closely know that the state introduced a felony drinking and driving law last summer. The Coloradoan has an update on the effects of the law, which made prison time for DUI a possibility for the first time.

Drunk driver injures Colorado family

A Colorado family on the way to Denver International Airport was recently injured by a suspected drunken driver when he rear-ended their minivan with his truck. The family was bogged down in a traffic jam surrounding several state troopers who were on the scene of another reported drunken driving accident when the accused drunken driver collided with the back of their minivan, pushing the vehicle up under an adjacent semi-truck.

Can you be accused of driving impaired due to marijuana?

In Colorado, using marijuana is legal for adults, but that doesn't mean driving under the influence of drugs is. The issue some prosecutors have now brought up is that there is no real test to show how intoxicated a person is by drugs; instead, they have to find other ways to show the person's impairment.

Man's Colorado DUIs may count against him

A Montana man's previous convictions for driving under the influence in Colorado may influence his sentencing, following his eighth DUI arrest in another state. The man was pulled over after passing a police officer at a reported speed of 51 miles per hour in an area zoned at 35 mph.