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Man faces strange domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

A young man is facing some peculiar charges in the wake of an alleged incident involving domestic assault to both a human and a kitten. The 19-year old man was accused of strangling and assaulting his girlfriend after she attempted to intervene while he was allegedly strangling her kitten.

The woman claims that her boyfriend became angry when the kitten bit his arm, leading to him strangling the kitten. When she attempted to intervene to save the life of the animal, the man turned his attention to her grabbing her by the hair and swinging her around by it, according to reports. He subsequently grabbed her by the neck and raised her off the ground, pinning her to the wall, causing her to become disoriented and nauseous. The woman fell onto the floor, after which she alleges he stomped on her head. The reports also noted that a bruise found on her forehead and a black eye were from a separate prior assault.

The charges, if proven to be truthful, could mean serious consequences for the young man. For domestic violence offenders with prior charges, the consequences at the hands of the law are not mere slaps on the wrist.

Sensational stories like this easily grab headlines and make for an exciting news piece, but a professional and qualified attorney understands that all individuals who stand accused of any crimes deserve an excellent defense. The representation of an experienced defense attorney can help ensure that no matter the nature of the charges, those facing them can rest assured that their rights will be protected while their case is heard fairly.

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