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January 2016 Archives

On background checks and DUI expungement

When someone is accused of drunk driving, the damage to their personal life and professional reputation can be permanent. There are so many penalties and consequences, both direct and indirect, that involve a DUI charge that the accused person could feel the sting of this punishment for a long time. They may not be able to find a new job or even maintain the one that they have. DUIs are especially punishing for people who have a commercial driver's license.

On DUI stories, and how they are treated by the media

One of the interesting aspects to drunk driving cases is the way they are treated by the media. It has become standard for new organizations to immediately patronize drunk driving suspects when a DUI story breaks out. Whether that occurs or not, the story could also be accompanied by smarmy takes that point out the behavior or actions of a person accused of driving drunk, forgetting that person's humanity for a moment just to take a shot at some humor.

Study says ride-sharing services have huge impact on DUIs

A new study performed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving makes a very interesting claim: that ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are having a dramatic impact on the world of drunk driving. More specifically, these ride-sharing services are greatly decreasing the number of people who drive drunk out on the road.

With so much at stake in a DUI case, get an attorney

In the last few weeks we have written quite a bit on the topic of drunk driving, and how it can legally affect you. We have talked about the incredible weight of a DUI charge for a repeat offender; we have talked about the flaws of the testing systems in place for people accused of driving under the influence; and we have talked about the many laws that are in play in any given DUI case, and how they can impact the penalties and consequences involved in the case.

24-year prison sentence handed down to repeat DUI offender

A man who was arrested on his fifth drunk driving charge after fleeing from police, traveling at over 100 miles per hour during the chase, and eventually resisting arrest, has been sentenced to 24 years in jail. The case has received quite a bit of media attention due to the lavish details included in the story. This isn't your ordinary DUI offender, nor is this your ordinary repeat DUI offender.

How can you defend yourself against a DUI charge?

Many people all across this great country are accused of driving under the influence every year. Some of them see their cases dismissed, others aren't so lucky. But one question that many people may not fully think about is how, exactly, would someone accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs defend their case. What would they say to justify or defend their behavior?

NTSB pushes, yet again, for lowered BAC limit

As everyone knows, every state in the United States follows the 0.08 blood alcohol limit for drivers. Anyone who breaks this law is subject to a DUI charge, and they could suffer very serious consequences as a result. But the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) doesn't think that the 0.08 limit is low enough, and they are pushing lawmakers to lower the national limit to 0.05.

Mistakes found in DUI testing process in Colorado

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about blood alcohol tests and how the results of those tests can be successfully challenged by the people who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Well, as many Denver residents have likely heard over the last few days, news broke that numerous DUI blood tests were improperly performed, calling into questions the results of certain cases, as well as the whole system in general.

Reminder: work with experienced attorney in drugged driving defense

A recent article highlighted the confusing state of affairs in Colorado at present with respect to drugged driving. According to the article, the passing of several years since the legalization of recreational marijuana has done little to clarify issues of roadway safety, enforcement of drugged driving law, and how to keep drugged drivers off the road.

On the validity of field sobriety tests

You can probably imagine a movie scene in your mind where the protagonist, down on his or her luck, makes a poor decision and decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while drunk. The protagonist inevitably gets pulled over, and he or she eventually gets caught. The protagonist then is embarrassed by a police officer that makes them perform a wide variety of silly acts and stunts to prove his or her inebriation.

On expressed consent, and why you shouldn't refuse a breath test

Many people may wonder why those who are accused of a drunk driving offense accept a breath test when the police request it. "If you just refuse the breath test, then you deprive the police of a crucial piece of evidence," you may think. While that may seem to be the way it is, the reality is that refusing a breath test is actually forbidden. You still have the freedom to refuse it, but sometimes the freedom to make certain choices comes at a cost. And in the case of refusing a breath test, in the state of Colorado it means a one-year suspension of your driver's license.