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Mistakes found in DUI testing process in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2016 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about blood alcohol tests and how the results of those tests can be successfully challenged by the people who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Well, as many Denver residents have likely heard over the last few days, news broke that numerous DUI blood tests were improperly performed, calling into questions the results of certain cases, as well as the whole system in general.

Since July of 2015, more than 1,500 blood tests have been performed in DUI cases in two newer locations in Colorado. What an independent testing facility found is that roughly 4 percent of these cases — 56 in total — actually had lower blood alcohol levels than were originally reported.

These cases where “anomalies,” as they were described, were reported were not explained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, so it is unclear if human error was involved, or if the equipment used was incorrectly calibrated or misused in some way. Aside from the faulty results, this is the true travesty of this story.

Without knowing where the faults are, how is anyone supposed to trust the testing system again? How do we know that the faults have been adequately addressed? How do we know that mistakes won’t be made in the future? To the latter, the answer is simple: we don’t.

Mistakes are bound to happen because that is simply human nature. There may not be many mistakes, but enough so to be worrisome. 4 percent certainly is a significant number when you consider that it could lead to a false accusation of DUI.

Source: CBS Denver, “Colorado Bureau Of Investigation Admits Dozens Of Faulty DUI Blood Tests,” Brian Maass, Jan. 11, 2016