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November 2015 Archives

How ride-sharing companies impact the world of DUIs

Ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are very controversial, even though the service is a simple idea: everyone can become their own self-employed taxi driver, helping people get from point A to point B. Obviously, since this is such an open service, there have been some problems, such as ensuring that people who become drivers for Uber are safe and professional individuals. Other issues include local laws pertaining to ride-sharing and the taxi industry itself which, understandably, isn't too thrilled about these companies coming in and taking over their turf.

How much will a DUI cost you?

Many people have different ways of answering the question posed in the title of this post. How much does it really cost an individual who is charged with a DUI? For the sake of this topic, we will take this question literally. We won't go into the personal and professional "costs" of getting charged with a DUI. Instead, we will only refer to the financial costs associated with a DUI. And even without those personal and professional costs, the financial toll of a DUI is immense.

Phones, drinking and driving: perception isn't always reality

Drunk driving offenses have been a part of the collective mind of the nation for many years now. We all know the risks of drinking and driving, and many have seen first-hand how a drunk driving charge can change their life. But it is only within the last 15 years that a very similar act of reckless driving has entered the national consciousness, and yet the uproar, though significant, doesn't seem to match the punishment it receives. We are talking about using a cellphone while driving.

How background checks factor in after a DUI arrest or conviction

The ramifications of a DUI arrest are far reaching, even if the person accused of the crime is never convicted of drunk driving. In fact, this really goes for any crime, though we are going to focus the discussion on DUI offenses. When you are accused or convicted of a crime, your personal reputation and record will take a significant hit. One of the ways that this will be reflected is in background checks that places of living and work will perform.

Blood tests and breath tests can lie

While the following story didn't occur here in Denver, Colorado, it carries significance no matter where you live. According to a report out of Lincoln, Nebraska, more than 180 DUI cases have been compromised as a result of an incorrectly-calibrated breath testing device. In the wake of the scandal, one employee at the Sheriff's Office resigned.

Felony DUI for 55-year-old could change his life

A 55-year-old has the unfortunate and dubious distinction of being the first person in Pitkin County, Colorado to be charged with a felony drunk driving crime. The 55-year-old man was accused of the crime last Wednesday after he was cited for either his fourth or fifth DUI. The reason the number is unknown is because while the police cited one number, the prosecution cited another. In any case, the man has an extensive history with driving under the influence.

Fright night: Hundreds of DUI arrests across Colorado on Halloween

They were dressed as Darth Vader and Batman, Elsa and Alice, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man. There were undoubtedly a few French maids on Colorado's roads on Halloween night, as well as a few vampires, Oreo cookies, hot dogs and gladiators, too. And as a couple hundred drivers found out that night, there were also Denver police officers, state troopers and other law enforcement figures out and about as well.

Here are a few ways to help your side of the DUI case

As we have talked about many times before on this blog, a drunk driving charge can change a person's life. As such, every step of the DUI process is important, because the tiniest mistake by the police could give the accused person a glimmer of hope. So, let's talk about the initial traffic stop that triggers a DUI charge. How could the accused person behave in this situation to bolster their defense?

Hold the mayo and glass particles

It was a typically busy noon-hour at a neighbor market. People were stopping by for sandwiches and salads, or to quickly grab a few items from its shelves stocked with fine cheeses, wines and baked goods. It was in those busy moments that an SUV slammed through the glass doors of Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver.

New testing van for Denver police raises questions

If you noticed a lot more police officers out on the roads last Saturday than normal, then you weren't just imagining it. The police presence was greatly increased on Saturday, not just because of Halloween but also because of Daylight Saving time. While the numbers haven't been released yet, there were probably many DUI arrests on Saturday night because of the holiday and the extra hour that bars were open.

Dark night?

The legend of the caped crusader endures. The stone-faced crime fighter is a mysterious figure. No one is quite sure who the Dark Knight might be behind the imposing mask. Now the Denver Police Department is adopting a mobile tool to help in its efforts to curtail drunk driving; a tool that will remind many of the Batman.