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March 2015 Archives

Prosecutor 'outraged' over Colorado court's DUI decision

A decade ago, a Colorado man was apparently drunk, drove off of an Arapahoe County road and into a ditch where he hit a traffic sign. He was arrested for DUI, and then a year later, he was arrested again for DUI. That time, he was found asleep in his car just a few feet from his house.

Watered-down felony DUI bill moves forward

It's officially known as HB-1043. Unofficially, it's known as the DUI felony bill that would add Colorado to the list of states where multiple drunk driving convictions can result in a felony being charged against the alleged offender. If convicted of the felony, the offender would face a mandatory prison sentence.

What is 'Level I Education'?

Is Level I education a class carpenters take to learn how to make sure boards on a horizontal surface are even? No. Is it a class for surveyors? Again, no. Level I Education refers to the classes offered by the Colorado Department of Human Services' Office of Behavioral Health for those drivers convicted of driving under the influence.

What are the current laws for habitual DUI offenders in Colorado?

Stricter penalties for repeat drunk driving are the topic of many criminal and traffic discussions in Colorado. We recently discussed the legislation lawmakers proposed that would make drunk driving a felony for habitual offenders.

Proposed legislation making repeat DUI a felony

Lawmakers in Colorado are in the process of creating a bill creating felony charges for individuals charged with repeat DUI. Since misdemeanor punishments result in shorter sentences, the obvious intent is to come down harder on individuals facing multiple DUI convictions.

Would mandated ignition interlock devices curtail liberty?

What if every new car sold in the U.S. had in it an ignition interlock device? Researchers recently studied the question and concluded that 85 percent of fatalities blamed on alcohol in traffic accidents could be prevented, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health.

Study shows rise in drivers using prescription drugs, marijuana

There is no doubt that today's highways, cars and drivers are safer than in the past. Traffic-related deaths are at per-capita levels not seen since the first half of the 20th century. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of drivers with alcohol in their systems has dropped by almost one third in less than a decade.

Getting your license back after multiple DUIs

In Colorado, a multiple DUI convictions often come with the loss of your license. For many people in Denver, living without a valid driver's license is not easy. Picking up your kids from school is suddenly not an option, and getting to and from is much more difficult. So, what can you do to your license back? 

Do I have to consent to a breath test if stopped for DUI?

Many drivers are unsure of what their rights are when it comes to DUI traffic stops. Breath tests and other blood-alcohol tests in particular cause a lot of confusion. Do you have to take a breath, blood or urine test just because a police officer tells you to? What happens if you say "no"? 

Get your green on

Just as sure as the sun will rise green and warm on St. Patrick's Day, the Denver Police Department will have extra patrols out looking for inebriated drivers throughout the celebration of all things Irish.

St. Patrick's Day prompts DPD crackdown on DUI

Tomorrow morning, Denver's pubs can expect unusually green and heavy traffic as the streets downtown fill with shamrock-festooned crowds there to watch the annual parade. It is all part of one of the nation's biggest celebrations of St. Patrick's Day.

You Have Been Charged With DUI/DUID ― Now What?

When you find yourself facing DUI or DUID charges in Colorado, countless questions may begin to run through you mind. How much will my fine be? Will I have to go to jail? How can I be charged with DUID now that marijuana is legal?

Vehicular assault charges loom for Denver-area woman

It's the kind of traffic story no one wants to see: seven people injured in a crash, including two young girls and three young girls, as well as two women and a man. Their injuries include broken bones and ribs, according to a Denver TV station.

Two Denver police officers arrested for alleged drunken driving

Longtime readers will undoubtedly recall some of our previous blog posts about Denver police officers who were arrested for allegedly driving drunk. Two more DPD officers have been arrested in recent days, including one about an hour south of us in Castle Rock.

Hickenlooper to push PR against prescription painkiller abuse

As part of his campaign to make Colorado residents the healthiest in the nation, Gov. John Hickenlooper has launched a PR campaign about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. "This campaign is just one part of a coordinated, statewide strategy that simultaneously restricts access to prescription drugs for illicit use, while ensuring access for those who legitimately need them," the governor said.

Did your prescription result in a DUID arrest?

Today's physicians have amazing pharmaceutical aids to help patients with a variety of serious ailments that were often ignored or undertreated in the past, including depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, back pain, migraine headaches and so on. As with everything else in life, taking a prescription drug is a matter of weighing the positives and negatives.

Colorado felony DUI debate continues

An hour north of Denver, an editorial in a Colorado newspaper is calling for state legislators to enact a felony drunk driving bill. As regular readers of our blog know, the felony bill has been repeatedly proposed in recent years, each time falling a bit short of becoming law.

One mistake after another

Denver's CBS TV affiliate reports that a man visiting a famous Colorado skiing area has been accused of mistaking a silver Jeep Cherokee for a silver Ford Escape. That was the first in a string of mistakes by the man, according to Steamboat Springs police.